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issue What are these orange-ish streaks on my Anaheim peppers?

The fruits of my Anaheim plant have been like that for the last month or two. I think it had some issues earlier during the season (some fruits had holes on them, with no apparent pests on the plant), but I may be mixing it up with my Piquillo plant. In any case, would you say that these are safe for consumption?

Edit: forgot to mention that the orange streaks are softer but I wouldn't call them mushy.

FYI I am in Crete, Greece. Temperature ranges from 28C (82F) max during the afternoon to 16C (61F) minimum during the night and it's pretty humid.

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Might be TSW virus, although the shape of the lesions is a bit odd for TSWV
Location on the pod and shape of the lesions look more like blossom end rot, but in that case the spots would go brown/black and mushy quite fast! Hard to say for sure, but i would discard the plants just to be sure!
It does look like sunscald, but it doesn't seem very likely with that weather. The fruits were normal when the temp here was much much higher, and the sun isn't burning during the last month.
In any case, would you say they are safe to eat (or make sauce etc.)?