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What are you growing?

Always curious to know what is everyone growing (pepper-wise of course).
Currently I have:
Bells (red, green, yellow)
Habanero (orange)
Ghost (red)

in the seedling stage, I have:
Habanero (red)
Habanero (yellow)
Habanero (white)
Habanero (chocolate)
NuMex Suave (orange)
Carolina Reaper
Apocalypse Scorpion

Unfortunately I lost my Brazilian Starfish and Datil's to pests this year :(

Next year, I will have probably more peppers than I know what to do with. I will be growing at least 2 plants of each of the following:

Orange Habanero
Red Habanero
Yellow Habanero
Chocolate Habanero
White Habanero
Bhut Jolokia (Red Ghost)
Brazilian Starfish*
NuMex Suave Orange
Carolina Reaper
Apocolypse Scorpion*
Aji Charapita*
7 Pot Orange*
Yellow Reaper*
Lemon Starburst*
Chocolate Reaper*
Aji Cerezo*
Death Spiral*
Black Pearl*
Peach Ghost Scorpion*
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion*
White Devil's Tail*
Devil's Tongue Peach*

You have quite a varied variety of pepper plants.  I would love to see foto's.  
I am retired and live in the Republic of Panama.  I am new to growing hot peppers.  We don't have much access to seed variety's like you do in Florida.  This year, someone sent me some seed as a trade for some okra seeds so i am growing peppers.  I developed a new variety of okra called AfricanX okra which is a tropical interspecies open-pollenated type okra.  
At any rate I am experimenting with peppers.  I do not have a need for the tremendous variety of pepper types that you are growing-however, I think it sounds fun.  
Right now, I am growing 
Long Thin Cayenne
Tam Jalepeno
Arroz Con Pollo
Ahi Criollo-3 variety's
We have a 6 month long rainy season and I am in the middle of that right now.  We have had over-cast weather conditions and lots of rain this year which has had a negative affect on growing.  There is a lot of fungal and viral issues going on right now which is terrorizing my pepper plants.  The okra and tomato's are not producing much either.  Usually we have a lot more sun during the rainy season so this year is an anomoly.
At any rate, I am seeking to learn which types of peppers do the best in my harsh climate.  I live in a tropical climate with a very short day length.
I just sewed seed for Panamanian Chombo peppers also.  Those are spicey local peppers that come in Red or Yellow and look like habenero's or scotch bonnet.  Those grow without much effort.  Very spicey with fruity back bite.
Thanx for asking!
I make hot sauces. the variety helps me to "play around" with recipes and stuff like that.
I may also start making some salsas too.
I also smoke/dry peppers to make stuff like chipotle and other spice rubs/blends.

If my wife & I reopen our store, I will be adding things to the store like...my sauces & seedlings etc
That sounds like a good hobby.
I live way out in the country side.  Food where I live lacks flavor.  Probably the most bland food I have ever tasted and I have traveled quite a bit.  I have to bring a bottle of hot sauce to a restaurant if I want to enjoy my food.  So, I am growing hot peppers.  
I like fresh, unstrained hot sauce recipes using vinegar as the base.  
As I said, for the moment I am experimenting so I have some variety in the garden.
Panama is hot pepper country.  However, most Latino's in Panama don't use hot sauce.  So, I really do need to make my own sauce.
C Chinense species seems to grow the best down here.
Thanx for sharing a little about what you do with your peppers.  I was born and raised in Florida and lived there for many years, in the Brevard County area.  I was very glad and anxious to leave when I did.  I probably will never go back.
This is a good discussion. I love hearing about food in other parts of the world-- all cuisine, in general, but especially dishes, sauces, and such that involve chiles.

I will try to remember ask the shit in growing this year. There's quite a lot:

-Zapotec Jalapeños
-Five different strains of Yellow Scotch Bonnets
-7Pot Brainstrains (caramel, chocolate, red, and yellow versions)
-7Pot Primo (Chocolate, red, and yellow versions)
-7Pot Jonah
-7Pot Douglah
-7Pot Cinder
-7Pot Barrackpore (Red and Yellow versions, but the yellows aren't growing true...)
-Sugar Rush Peach
-Lemon Drops
-Brazilian Starfish
-Big Black Mamas
-Brown Naglah
-NagaBrains (Red and Yellow)
-Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion (JPGS)
-JPGS x 7Pot Primo
-(not) Bhut Orange Copenhagen (2 plants ain't growing true. One other might be, but it hasn't produced ripe pods yet. The first two have been throwing red pods or peach pods)
-Bhut Assam Yellow
-Shabu Shabu
-Red Bhut Jolokia
-Naga Morich
-de Arboles
-Tien Tsin
-Aji Jobito
-Cream Fatalii
-NuMex Suave (red and orange versions)
-NuMex Trick or Treat
-Generic Orange Habaneros
-(not) Chocolate Scotch Bonnet (one plant producing red pods; no ripe fruit from other plant yet)
-Safi Red
-Freeport Orange Scotch Bonnets
-Bahama Goat
-(not) Congo Trinidad "Giant Yellow" (producing red pods in off-pheno
Shapes, but they are pretty"Giant")

I think that's all of them.
Thats a huge variety of hot peppers!  Very nice!
I just have a basic variety growing.  I am in the middle of the rainy season now which started in the beginning of May and will end in December.  We have a lot of over-cast conditions during this period.  Some years more than others.  This year it feels like we are in a nuclear winter.  Peppers are not happy in this condition nor are my African okra plants or tomato's.  So far, the C Chinense plants seem to be the most resilient to the horrid conditions.  The others are a mix with several different fungal and viral deseases, wilt and other things just ruining my fun.  I thought tobasco and cayenne peppers would be super easy but not during my rainy season.  Most of the Annuums need to be planted towards the end of the rainy season probably in October.  Thats when we have the best luck with tomato's as well.  
Next year, all Annuum's and frutescens will be planted in Oct, none during my rainy season.  Only C Chinense and bird peppers will be planted in the rainy season in the future.
I just planted some yellow and red chombo peppers from super market seed and they came up within just a couple of days.  I didn't even dry the seed.  They grow like weeds here.  Chinense seems to be bullet proof. 
Zapotec jalapeno x5
Mucho Nacho x2
Big Jim Heritage 1
Tekne Dolmasi x5
Aji Panca x7
Aji Arnaucho x2
Aleppo x4
Big Brown Bhuts x5
Bolsa de Dulce x3
Sugar Rush Peach x5
Thunder Mountain Longhorn 1
Joes Long Cayenne 1
Mini rocotos x2
Aji Oro rocoto 1
Reapers x2
Dragons Breath x2
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpions x3
TFM bonnets x3
P Dreadie bonnets x4
Naglah Brown 1
Scotch Brain 1
CARDI Scorpion 1
61 plants total
Liana Asian long beans
West India burr gherkins
Nice selection of herbs
I have about 150 plants this year. From mildest to hottest:

Red Bell
Numex Big Jim
Scotch Bonnet
Sepia Serpent
7 Pot Douglah
Carolina Reaper
Wow it's been awhile since I've checked in with y'all! (Sorry I've found a few pepper groups on facebook and I've been living there) 

This year is my "break out" year for pepper growing though. (Name of plant (number of plants) --if less than 2 plants, it's cuz some seeds didnt' sprout :(

Devil's Tongue Peach (2)
Datil (1) 
Tabasco (1)
Devil's Tail White (3)
Carolina Reaper, Yellow (2)
Death Spiral (2) 
KS Linzo (3)
Peter Pepper (4)
Peach Ghost Scorpion (1) 
Sugar Rush Peach (1)
7 Pot, Orange (2)
Brazilian Starfish (3)
Jimmy Nardello (2)
TSM Long Tail, Orange (2)
Ghor Pion (3)
Aji Cerezo (6)
King Naga (5) 
Bleeding Borg 9 (3) 
Trinidad Sweets (2)
Chocolate Nagabrains (3)
Poblano (1)
Serano (4)
Jalapeno (6)
Banana (6)
NuMex Suave, Orange (1)
Black Pearl (1) 
Big Ugly™ Habanero, Orange (2)
White Lightning Habanero (1)
Lemon Yellow Habanero (2)
Chocolate Habanero (3) 
Apocalypse Scorpion (2)
Carolina Reaper, Red (4) 
I had to replant because they got transplanted and we had a surprise freeze that killed them...still waiting for them to germinate
Red Savina Habanero 
Aji Lemon Drop
KS Lemon Starburst
Ghost Peppers
Naga Morich, Red
Aji Charapita


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Rygel said:
This year is my "break out" year for pepper growing though. (Name of plant (number of plants) --if less than 2 plants, it's cuz some seeds didnt' sprout :(
Wow, quite a list! Good luck and keep us posted!
This year, we've expanded our garden from about 350sq ft to somewhere between 1200-2000 sq ft (all container growing due to shitty soil --80-90% sand)
When the wife agreed to expand, I got the green light to grow all the pepper types I had seeds for :)  
I got seeds for like 7 or 8 more types...AFTER I started the other seeds and planned out the garden, so I don't know if any of them will make it into the garden this year
Cherry Bomb 
Aji Dulce
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Yellow Biquinho
2 types I already had seeds for, so they're "back ups" lol 


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Growing some of the new mexican chile varieties from Jim Duffy this year. I started out with 10 varieties (one plant per variety) but some of the seedlings were in bad shape and were eliminated, so I ended up with 6 varieties, which is actually enough considering the room I currently have...
- Zia pueblo
- Isleta Long pueblo
- Nambe pueblo
- Jemez pueblo
- Vallero
- Negro de Valle
All are full of flower buds right now and the first flowers are about to open. I hope I can try to make some chile colorado when I have enough chiles!  :)
Growing way more than I need but here’s a taste  :drooling:
Aji peach
sugar rush cream & red
Aji dulce orange 
Aji Cachucha
Aji lemon
MAMP black NGR
Red/chocolate/yellow/white/solid gold ghosts
Violet sparkle 
Aji charpita
Bishops crown
Dulce Sol
Dedo de moca
possibly stuffing scotch bonnet
purple Tobago seasoning 
Maybe more  :onfire:  :dance:
Attempting to grow:
Aji Amarillo
Aji Panca
Aribibi Gusano
Dhalle Khursani 
Wiri Wiri
Have gotten a small number of pods from all of them except the aribibi (Which seems to take a nosedive health-wise whenever it starts flowering and loses most of its foliage for reasons unknown and has been repeating this cycle) and the Dhalle Khurani (Which has been struggling to even get to the point where it can flower).
I'm still trying to find some kind of method that works because I'm having a continuous issue with plants suddenly starting to drop their leaves (Sometimes while they're still green and otherwise healthy-looking) and eventually dying off entirely. Not sure if it's an issue with grow medium, PH, and/or nutrients or some outside factor like disease but I suppose I'll figure it out eventually.