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music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

If you're anything like me, you listen to music while you're on the computer so you won't go crazy out of boredom.
So I thought it would be nice sharing some of the songs that are worth mentioning.
Just to be clear, NOT EVERY SONG YOU LISTEN TO! that's just a waste of time.
Basically any song that is especially good, funny, shocking or whatever you think is worth mentioning.

This is so much better than recommending songs from memory, because (well at least for me) memory will deceive you! :lol:

I'll go first:
Iced Earth - Dracula
AlabamaJack said:
I am listening to the Beatles collection 1967-1970...I especially like The Fool On The Hill...
I like random songs, not from certain years. stuff like "Here Comes the Sun" and "Yesterday", but everything they made is great.
Omri said:
What song? ;)

Um, I had just put in the cd, so that would have been "Twig and Berries". I've moved on, though and Louis Armstrong is singing "High Society" in calypso.
Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers and I don't like it. The thing is I don't know from all I listen to which are English or not so I'm probably listening to songs no-ones ever heard of.
I'm pretty familiar with the names so far, but if necessary I'll use iTunes or even Google to fill the gaps. ;)
Am I just throwing unknown names? I sure hope not. :shocked:

I usually list my favorite songs, so you should give 'em a try. ;)