favorite What are your favorite jalapeño varieties?

This is my first season growing jalapeños.

I grew Craig's grande jalapeno and lemon spice jalapeno.

Craig's jalapeño turned into a very nice healthy looking productive plant. The flavor is good, standard jalapeno flavor, but most of the pods are almost heatless. I was hoping for at least grocery store jalapeño heat level.

Lemon spice jalapeno has also grown into a healthy productive plant. These have a nice strong burn. Yellow color is ornamental. Flavor is not bad, but there is a bitter note, and the flavor is somewhat different than the standard jalapeno.

What are your favorite jalapeño varieties? This has been discussed before, but I am curious to hear updated thoughts. Some of the varieties that were common a decade ago seem to have fallen into relative obscurity.
Biker Billy F1, although seeds are becoming hard to find. Had to grow an F3 version from 2011 this year. It's one of the few hybrid plants I grow each year.
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I haven’t done a proper grow-through of jalapeños, but of the few I’ve tried, Zapotec has by far the best and most distinctive flavor.

It’s very much become my benchmark, but I’d love something with a similar flavor but more approachable heat. Zapotec tends to blow people’s heads off when casually used as poppers. 😉
As the fresh pepper season continues, the lemon spice jalapeño has grown on me and has become my favorite hot pepper of the season.

I like to slice them and add them to my sandwiches or other meals. Very nice crunch, flavor, heat level, and burn profile. I prefer the instant burn in my mouth from a jalapeno, rather than a delayed burn that I feel mostly down my throat.

I bit into a MOA scotch bonnet a couple of weeks ago, felt nothing at first, then severe burning up into my ears. That was a first. Pepper was hotter than I expected from the reviews I had read here.

We got the seed so long ago I forgot where. I do remember it was called early Jalapeño
Nothing special they just make great spicy poppers.