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What did you get for peppermas?

seeds from THPers
5lbs of green Ethiopian coffee beans
stovetop stainless steel popcorn popper for roasting the coffee
Blentec Blender
another avocado tree arriving in 2 weeks


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Like tctenten said, pizza & beer - you're doing it right! ;)

In fact ...


I paid off debt - which I've come to find is the gift (to myself) that keeps on giving for a while =)

But ...


I found a little stash of that Nikolai Vorlauf - it's the first time I've ever tasted a beer and thought 'that's great, and it seems like it could become amazing with some time on it ...'

Woke up early like a little kid to see what Santa left under the tree , and  There it was in all its Glory a Brand new shiny roll around Tool box !  
My Tree and present !