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drying What else do you use as 'jerking' sauces?


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I think I've said before I don't know much about the ins and outs of Jerky making.. Most of my experience revolves around one recipe and adaptations of it.
My understanding is that I need either Worcestershire, Tamari, or Soy for a base for the sauce, but are these the only options?

I'm trying to learn what is "essential" to the process and what is not, to learn how to create my own sauces for more variety. I currently use Maple syrup too, and wonder about other syrups or substitutes for that.. I'm literally made of questions when it comes to jerky.
My focus is mushroom jerky, and I'd prefer to avoid meat-based sauces or other things that will negate the vegan aspects of the final product. I love a good beef jerky too, but that's not what I'm making here.

I would love to understand the concept and science behind it, if anyone has any information on it. I've done a couple internet searches and really didn't find much.. Probably for lack of knowing the proper terms to search.
Thanks for your time.

The Hot Pepper

I am a huge fan of the brand Bourbon Barrel Foods. I have the aged soy sauce, the worcestershire, and the hot teriyaki. I highly recommend them. Never used them for jerky but it would be like using top shelf spirits in your cocktail. You'll be adding depth of flavors. And you didn't mention teriyaki! I think you will like this one!