seeds What happens to my seeds?

Can any one help me with this seeds?
I put Brazilian Ghost Pepper and Habanero seeds germinating in a box with heat blanket. But now part of the roots seems burned... I have to restart the process with another seeds, or it has a solution?
Thank you!

pipervirus said: a box with heat blanket...
Put a thermometer where your seeds are; chances are it's getting hotter than you think. I did the same thing around mid last year and baked a whole batch of seeds into uselessness, so now I watch the temp religiously and adjust as necessary. No such problems since. I'd also recommend switching to coffee filters; easier to work with and better visibility. If your paper towel is wet enough to germinate well, it's also going to be difficult or impossible to work with without tearing.
As SpeakPolish says, though, those are obviously seriously dehydrated. They were clearly at a good temperature for a while, since they did germinate, but they ran out of moisture.
Yep the paper towel has dried out; it needs to be kept moist at all times.  You could try potting up one or two but it's unlikely they will survive.