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annuum What is the best tasting annuum ?

The Hot Pepper

This post made me realize how much I love the cherry pepper as well. It's like the perfect little pepper. Thick-walled, good for eating, stuffing, pickling. Just the right sweetness. 🍒🌶

I may just grow some, thanks, lol!


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I have 3 super favorite spicy annums: orange thai, rezha macedonian and tasmanian black!
+1 on Tasmanian Black for fresh consumption. Too many tasty varieties for culinary uses to name just one!
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Yeah, too many good peppers to choose just one. That is very true!!!

I forgot another favorite annum. Also, it is landrace from where I live, the Canary Islands.
It's "Pimienta de la puta la madre" (Mother Whore Pepper). Incredibly sweet, tasty, like a candy. The heat is variable, some hot like a Jalapeño pepper, others like a Serrano pepper. The plant is also very productive.
Semillas.de has seeds for sale on their website (for the European people: last year I put a good handful of these seeds in the European seed train)
Tekne Dolmasi for no heat is delicious. Antep Aci Dolma for a little heat. Ripe Mucho Nacho for a nice balance of sweet and heat.

Poblano/Hatch/Anaheim when you can find good ones. The last poblanos i got at our market were excellent. I was very surprised they had a nice amount of heat. Nearly good jalapeno level.