heat What is the hottest Chilli in the World

Officially its the Bhut Jolokia.

There is a thread here that the Naga Dorset was measured at a higher shu.

Anecdotally people here will say the Douglah or Scropion.
there is no possible way that i could tell. once i get past a certain level of heat - they all seem about the same. i don't think that i could ever do a real side-by-side comparison as my taste buds would be so toasted from the 1st one that i'd never be able to tell a difference in the 2nd.
There are so many new hybrid/crosses out there that its going to be nearly impossible to rank each one. You have to also keep in mind that SHU levels can be very different with different pods even from the same plant, and HPLC tests have high potential for errors or innaccuracies. Any future Guiness record is likely going to have to go by guidelines set by Dr. Bosland which includes taking random pod samples instead of samples from special stressed plants, and taking all parts of the chile and not just the membrane/placental tissue.
The hottest I've ever tried is the Trinidad Scorpion-BT, and then either the 7-pod or Douglah
Gerald from the U.K. proclaims his Viper pepper is now king (from Trinidad). Oddly, there is no such landrace there. lol.

as far as i know the viper is a cross between the naga morich and the trinidad scorpion. (watched it on some youtube video i saw)....and said they were gonna have it tested, that musta been them. homegrownukchilli ?

to be more accurate, they called it naga viper right?
I have tried 9 different supers this year and the butch T scorpion is the hottest I've had! I didnt think anything could beat the Jonah 7,but it did!
As soon as I ate it I told my wife that my whole garden next year would be TS..but that will change at least 100 times before I plant out in the spring! :)
Doing an HPLC test is really not that difficult. If you do it correctly, you should get a correct result.

Or maybe it's just marketing that decides how long to wait to do a test.

"One method determines total amount of heat units in 7 minutes, while the other provides total amount of heat units as well as separation of all present major and minor capsaicinoids in 20 minutes. These improved techniques provide inexpensive and rapid methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis of capsaicinoids in Capsicum fruit samples along with good sensitivity and no interference or confounding peaks."

"The most accurate method for measuring heat in chile peppers is high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In this procedure, fruit are dried and then ground. Next, the chemicals responsible for heat are extracted, and the extract is injected into the HPLC for analysis. This method is more costly than the Scoville test, but it gives an objective heat analysis. Not only does this method measure the total heat present, it also allows the amounts of the individual capsaicinoids to be determined. In addition, many samples may be analyzed within a short period. The NMSU Chile Breeding and Genetics Program has analyzed more than 5,000 samples using this method and has found it to be reliable and consistent.
As the demand for chile peppers increases, the heat level of the crop is more important, and an accurate and precise measurement of heat is necessary. Several testing laboratories perform the organoleptic and/or HPLC methods. The American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) publishes the procedure accepted by the spice industry. Several laboratories that perform such tests are listed below."


And More... Here the Bhut comes in at 329,100.

From what I can tell the standards for analysis are determined by the American Spice Trade Association. And why should the record heat value be some kind of average for all pods around the world? It should just be the hottest pepper. No matter how much you stress a Tabasco, it's not going to have the heat level of a Bhut.

Perhaps this testing is more relevant to the use of the pure capsaicin for medical/military use?
Regardless, its all relative. If I think a Butch T is the hottest, sure, others may feel the same way. But someone else may feel otherwise. Thats'w why we've gotten the Butch T, the Douglah, and the Primo in here. It's all relative baby!
How about THIS thread......which pepper comes OUT the hottest?!