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favorite What is your favorite pepper in terms of taste (doesn't need to be super hot)?

In terms of taste what is your favorite pepper? It doesn't need to be super hot. I'm mostly talking for things you would put in recipes, salsa, eat raw, etc.
Man, that is a very difficult question. I like so many and really cant say if there is a hands down favorite. And it is not going to get any easier as this years grow will produce many new peppers I have never tasted , but that I have been assured I would fall in love with.
That Jalapeno though, is a great one to start with.
There are SOOOOOOOOOO many!! Manzano, Aji Cereza, Primo, Mustard Hab, Peach Hab, Cheiro Roxa I could go on and on!!

SB7J, 7 Pot Burgundy, both Jay's Ghost Scorpions........I like Pimientos De Padron when im in the mood for a Jalapeno type pepper.
While I don't really have a favorite at the moment, I'm really excited about Dedo De Moca and Datil. The first one should have a sweet cinnamon-ish flavor, quite unique and not so hot.
I've only really started exploring the pepper world in the last year. I'm sold on Bhuts and Fatallis for flavor and aroma with heat.
But for chowin' down, Padrons blistered in olive oil with a little sea salt. Outta this world!
I get a lot of mileage with smoked J Nardellos too.