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favorite What is your favorite tasting pepper?

I'm new to all these exotic chiles. This is my first year growing them. I have bhuts, fataliis, choc habs, red habs, and orange habs (which I have grown for years). I am still several weeks away from any ripe pods.

I still have only tasted bhut jolokia that someone sent me and my own orange habs. I was a bit surprised at the taste of the bhut. Very floral and not at all what I expected. I prefer the taste of the hab.

I am wondering what is your best all round tasting chile? I am planning for next season and want to get some ideas.
Also, if anyone has any ripe pods that I could try, I'd be happy to buy them.
Yellow 7 Pot, Douglah 7 Pot, Jonah 7 Pot......notice a trend here? ;) Chocolate Habs are the only habs I care for so far, I despise the flavor of standard orange habs.
Ha! well you guys certainly cleared things up for me! lol
I do notice a lot of yellow chiles in your choices. So many chiles. So little space. I must choose wisely.
when you taste your fataliis u will understand why so many ppl like the yellow chinense flavor i think, fatalii is definately one of my favs just saying, and sausage is right the wild brazil(another yellow) is wicked good, too!
Right now my favorites are CARDI yellow and fresnos, I'm not so much into lots of super-hots these days

Im with you Potawie, Ive been slicing Fresnos and adding them to Tomato sandwiches and Egg Omelettes I also have some White Fresnos that pack a good punch.

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Hands down, Wild Brazil.

I will have some dried pods and powder at the end of August. PM me then.

I'll have to say Cumari do Para, I wasn't able to get the Wild Brazil I had going... so I'm still not sure if these two are the same or not... I also have a ton of seed of this right now if you want any, just PM me.

Right now my favorites are CARDI yellow and fresnos, I'm not so much into lots of super-hots these days

I'm growing something I believe is a Cardi yellow from a pepper mixed up with some Scotch Bonnet plants from Windchicken, it is very nice, tasty but not intolerably hot to eat. More versatile, I like it a lot too. Also, seed soon if you're interested ;)
Hey Spicegiest, what color is the Cumari you grew out? My research thus far has the Wild Brazil as yellow and cumari as red, FYI. Interested in some seed by the way!
Man that is a tough question. I have Bhuts, 7 Pot and various habs growing. I don't find that much of a difference in flavor on the different Habs, but my taste buds aren't as developed yet.

Tepin / Pequin - Powder

Tabasco - Eating Raw and powder

Datil - For sauce and salsa

Heritage Big Jim - Stuffing, roasting, and of course eating fresh.

I am growing some Fatalli, and trying to get Zapotec Jalapeño to grow so the list may change. Super hots for me are more of a joy to just grow, i still can't really use them for much, too hot and i am the only one that eats hot in the family.