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What type of Ghost Pepper is this?

It's hard to tell. I think it's some type of bhut jolokia. The calyx looks off for an Indian carbon bhut jolokia. Someone who has growing experience with Indian carbon and Assam bhut jolokias might be able to help you out. Those are the two I haven't grown and it doesn't look like a bhut jolokia red to me but not too far off.
Yeah.. i agree that you should def just try to down a regualr orange hab befofe trying a super-hot.... the hottest pepper I have ever eaten str8 up was a giant orange habanero from a farmers market while we were on vacation..... I posted the vastly entertaining story in another thread (http://thehotpepper.com/topic/38455-monster-habs/?hl=%2Bgiant+%2Borange+%2Bhabs#entry804803) but ill copy and paste it here to give u an idea of what you would be getting into if you just st8 up dove into the heart of the sun:
"The hottest pepper I have ever challenged myself to eat was a giant orange hab that was maybe even a little bit bigger than the one in your palm... we were on vacation in Olympic national park this summer and stopped in to pick up our campfire dinner at a local farmers market. They had lots of habs for cheap prices, but i decided to pick up a large habanero to stuff with cheese and smoke over the fire. I de-seeded the pepper (the seeds were dark brown) stuffed it and roasted it it perfection. After several beers, I was ready to do my "pepper challenge." the funny thing is tho... everyone who was going to witness me doing this to myself simultaneously decided to go to sleep. I ate the pepper and it was beautiful tasting, but the heat from it was out of this world. I couldn't believe it was that hot. The pain lasted for what seemed like must have been an hour. I have grown and cooked with super-hots (butchTs, bhuts, 7 pots, and even regular habs)... and eaten them semi raw (on egg muffins), but that pepper, even de-seeded, blows them all to hell!!! I have since read that orange habs are notorious for having varying levels of heat... a larger deviation than most other peppers. If this is true, then I would say that hab had to be pushing a million... at least 700,000 shu (hell it coulda been 2 million,-- I would not at all be surprised). Not only was this pepper a very, very large habanero, but it was packed with seeds that were browning, indicating to me that it was a mature pepper, very very mature. oh yeah... and the punchline is.... it might as well have never happened... no witnesses to backup the effect of that fiendish hab

I should mention that the funny part about that experience with the pepper is that the mouth and throat burn was unbearable, sure... but the lip burn from my saliva was the deadliest pain... I was crying and moaning.... thinking this was probabvly the worst mistake of my life. Oh and I drank all of our water bottles.... and almost shyt my pants the next day rofl!!! :onfire:"
lolz.... and i really didnt learn my lesson apparently.. becasue i have plans to eat one of these tennisball sized mustard habs i have growing right now...  my brother and i are going to have one each.  They are literally the size of a tennis ball.... ill take pictures of them once they ripen and post a casual review and tale of the experience.
Try to build up some tolerance to the super hots first. even if its eating some Habaneros first. Something like 1 jab a day for 2 days 2 habs a day for 2 days 3 habs a day for 2 days ext, until you feel like you can take it. There is a huge difference between 80,000 and 1,000,000, a huge one! You'll regret it for sure. 
I did what you did and i REALLY really felt it. I ate peppers in the 100,000 - 300,000 range a lot but took a break after I had became sick with pneumonia. Once that was over I wanted to try the Bhut... So i bought some fresh ones and wanted to see how they were. I cut it in half and put it in my mouth, that was a huge mistake. I had lost that tolerance for the hotter peppers. I hurt for a good two hours.
I'm from a different school of thought. If you want to build a quick tolerance, just dive right into the deep end. You'll be in a world of hurt the first time, but you will be flat out amazed at how much your tolerance increases the next time, assuming you decide you want there to be a next time ;)
There are different types of bhut jolokias?  I thought there was just one.  How much do they vary?  And how can you tell them apart?  I just ordered some bhut jolokia seeds from pepperjoe.  The website didn't specify what kind I was getting.
I started off by eating fresh orange habaneros whole (prior to that I just cooked with em). Then I started eating 2-3 at a time. Then I starting eating ghost chiles whole. Then I added 7 pots and TS Butch Ts. Of course It was always painful to eat superhots. However, I could handle them, and I think you should only eat what you can handle.
I had habaneros before, the store bought ones... well those can be hotter. The thing I notice is that the growers cut em green so they ripen during transit and be ready to be sold upon arrival. The thing is they can't really wait for them to ripen up. The thing is that they're not hot as a fully ripe Serrano.

I just went for it. I started at one superhot/habs(not orange) with breakfast. And now I can chew on the habs without hurting like before.

Just like what Compmodder26 says "just dive right into the deep end." Lol.

, Walter
I love where this is going. Duuuuude you are in for one hell of a surprise if you dive right in. Might want to start small and work your way up. +1 @ building a tolerance too but once you start eating them you'll fall in love! Assuming you're like the rest of us and peppers have you sick in the head. Lol
I like the dive right in idea too.... I still won't eat whole habs.... just too damned hot! BUT, when I grew my nagas last year, I just jumped in and chomped a whole one down like a fool! BOY was I surprised! lol!

Hey Thunder! Be sure to video it and post to youtube when you do try one!
Actually when i was your age i ate and grew peppers all the time. Nothing of this calibre tho! My dad always ate them and used to give it to me as a joke in the garden. I would run to the house when i was a kid and thought my mouth was on fire. Lol.. I saw how hot they were and couldn't resist getting my friends to try them. I honesty think that's how i got into eating them. I'd always eat it with them to be macho but fell in love with them in the long run. Btw i wouldn't recommend tricking people into eating a ghost style chilli. Not a good idea. Lol
My Tolerance has dropped off considerably. Last summer I was eating a Datil every day to build up tolerance before I tried the Superhots, and I did "okay" with pieces of Nagas, Bhuts, Brains, and 7pots, Lately my stomach has been really bad so I haven't been eating anything too hot, but the other night I ate half of a Scotch bonnet and it wrecked me. 
spent half the day yesterday in the crapper.....damn.