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in-ground What's in the ground? 2019 Edition!

Greetings all.  This is my first season with all of you, so starting what I hope is an annual thread.  
This year, I started my seeds in small plastic cups from Lowe's that came as a single unit (7 pod grow kit?).  I also acquired heat mats and grow lights from Amazon, and some basic grow trays.  The trays I purchased would hold 12 pods cut into individual cups, so I was running 24 starter plants at one point planted about a week apart.  This was too early, in my opinion.  First lesson learned is that I will start next year around Valentine's Day, cutting 2 weeks out.  At one point we were beset with gnats that were so bad, my children threatened to move out.  Lesson learned #2, predatory plants inside.  Two Sundews made short work of the gnats.  Transitioned to 1 Gallon pots and that was a lot of sprawl, so lesson learned #3 is rack storage for next year.
After 5 weeks of effort, I have the following in my garden (all grown from seed except the Reaper and the Cowhorn):
1 x Giant Marconi
1 x Mystery pepper that was growing randomly in the outer third of a one-gallon pot.  I captured it, and I'm pretty sure it is a Marconi.  So let's call it 2x Marconi until proven innocent.
2 x Queen Laurie
2 x Giant Aconagua
2 x Shishitos - not doing well and I am really hard pressed to say why, grown them for years now and never a problem before, first time from seed)
Sweet-ish (don't know for sure, as reports are mixed)
4 x Chinese Space HJ1 - Fruit is already living up to the legend.  Huge given the size of the plant.
2 x Mucho Nacho Jalapeno
1 x Hungarian Paprika
1 x Cowhorn (Bonnie Alert!)
1 x Sarit Gat/Kosovo
1 x Black Cobra/Goat's Weed
1 x Habanero, and get ready for all of his cousins because I did most of them this year.
1 x Fatalii
1 x Scotch Bonnet - Jamaican Ministry of Ag so you know it's good?
1 x Yellow Goroning
1 x Tibetan Lhasa - Precious little info on this.  Guessing as to heat.
1 x Thai Upright
Super Hot 
1 x Carolina Reaper - A gift, grown by a friend's Dad on the Eastern Shore of MD, presumably from seed as he is a farmer
1 x Trinidad Moruga Scorpion - Best behaved pepper plant in the world, nothing eats it not even subterranean bugs
1 x Chocolate Bhutlah - Have to, right?
1 x Naga Viper - Personal fave in this space
1 x Ghost - The drama queen of peppers
1 x Bubblegum 7 Pot
1 x Bleeding Borg 9 - Worth it to see the stained calyx.
1 x Black Panther
1 x Red Devil's Tongue - Love the fruit, hate growing them.  Almost as moody as the Ghost.  Lots of brown spot problems here in NC.
1 x Death Spiral
1 x Big Mama Mustard
So far, so good.  I have not lost a single plant #KnockOnWood.  Stepping outside now to place some fertilizer spikes by the Shishitos.
Im just down the road from you(seeing this post while lurking inspired me to join the forum) and its good to see other pepper growers locally. Ive been growing for years, with the last two gaining more of a focus on both quantity and quality.

This year Im growing 80+ plants of the following varieties
Red bell
Orange Habaneros
Carolina Reapers
Chocolate Reapers
Chocolate Ghost/Bhuts
Peach Ghosts
Ghost/Reaper hybrid(accidental cross Ive been growing for a couple of seasons)
Chocolate Scorpions
Super Hot Beast
7 Pot Primo
7 Pot BBG
Butch T Scorpion/Reaper
Scotch Brains
Pink Tiger
Yaki Blue Fawn

I grow organically using Foxfarm nutrients, blood meal, bone meal and locally sourced compost in manure. I harvested a ton of pods last year, and Im hoping for even more this year with so many plants.
Welcome, there are a good amount of people from around the area on here. I'm down the road a few hours in SC.