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fermenting What’s the longest you’ve aged a mash?

As the title suggests, Im wondering what the longest is that you guys have run a ferment. Also wonder at what point aging becomes a case of diminishing returns. Its always seemed to me that aging goes a long way toward mellowing out the sharper edges on a sauce, but maybe thats just me.

The reason I ask: Im contemplating pulling off an older mash or two. Ive got several that have been aging for 4-7 years. Pull em, or let em run?
I'd pull them. As I have been fermenting over the years, I have found personally that I only age in terms of months and not years. I personally disagree with the notion that sauces only improves with age. At some point, I believe it reaches its apex. After that, it's down hill. I have noticed the brightness and freshness of the flavor is gone if aged too long. For my own personal tastes, I think a 3 to 6 month age is best. Too long and the quality starts to diminish.