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pests What's this bug's eggs?

Looks like acupuncture needles.
I'm guessing they are egg sacs hanging from the underside of a leaf.
Possibly a spider, judging from the thin strands they are suspended by.
I see this occasionally, and i just remove them by hand.
But I'm curious uhhhh... what are they?


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Mr. West said:
Thanks glad i asked.
So am I.
I never thought to wonder what lacewing eggs looked like.
Now I know even though I never thought to wonder what lacewing eggs looked like.
That's a good thing to know.
I've seen a few lacewings in the garden before, but, unfortunately, never the eggs.
I have seen a few ladybug larvae.  Unsavory looking buggers, but so good to have as well
Really hard to tell from that photo.  Could be assassin bug, could be squash bug.  So hard to pull out the details...
I realize it's not great.
Let's see if this is any clearer.
It's a winged bug.


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That's a new one on me.  It looks vaguely like it belongs somewhere in the Hermetia line, but I can't say that for certainty.  If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that it's just resting, and not doing any harm.
Nice. Those pictures look very much like it. Must be some type of mydas fly. I agree, each time i see (the same?) one, it seems like it's usually just sitting on a leaf in the morning. Anyway, thanks again.