What's up guys!

Hey everybody!  My name is Andrea and my boyfriend and  I started growing our first plants in March, so I'm just starting to get my first buds which is super exciting.  I've got Peach Colored Ghost Pepper, Fatalii, Trinidad Scorpion, and Bhut Indian Carbon plants that I expect to have peppers within the next month or so.  However, I've never done this before, so I'm getting a lot of advise from my brother, Smileyguy697.  We recently started germinating some Red Brain Strain seeds, and I just received some White Devil's Tongue and Lemon Drop seeds from my brother, which will be in the ground soon.  I'm super pumped, and look forward to getting to know some awesome, helpful people on here!
Nigel said:
Hi Andrea, welcome and good luck with your growing. 
Are you sure Mike is the right guy to advise you? Ask around here, nobody likes him and he can`t grow a beard, let alone a plant. Be careful who you talk to.............
I am, of course, joking!!!
Haha Nigel, Mike showed me a few of your pepper reviews and told me all about you!  Thanks for the welcome...I'll be sure to keep you updated on my endeavors!
smileyguy697 said:
Whaddup sis! Lets show em some shit... Got new seeds otw!
Thanks! Now I just need to get some pictures on here so you can see my mini operation!  Can't wait for more seeds :D