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What's up, HomeGirls? (Mexican Oregano)

Wuuuuut? No females got any Mexican oregano seed for my guy where's the love?  :snooty:
Oh ya, and none of that Mediterranean shit. You heard the man.
The ladies will come around. Ain't that right?
We know you're holding out on us with all the good... lip- hold on... lippa gravel- what is it? uh ya raviolis what he said.
It's ok, Rob. I got this.
Bicycle808 said:
Hey, sweetie...

Anyone got a lead for good Mexican Oregano seeds? I'm looking for Lippia graveolens. I am not currently interested in growing the Mediterranean shit (Origanum vulgare.)

I'm thinking about growing something other than chiles, for once.
Good luck finding seeds, this plant is produced pretty much by propagation only.  You can get seed if you try hard enough, but then you might end up with a 0.005% germination rate which will probably be a weed seed that got accidently thrown in the pack.  Save yourself the trouble and get yourself a plant or 3 here:
Keep them in 15 gallon pots so you can bring them in every Fall or they will die a horrible death in NJ.  They'll need a south facing window or artificial light and a warm room in the Winter to keep them going until the following Summer.
Easier and cheaper to buy the dried spice by the pound and freeze it.  Sorry,
Bicycle808 said:
"Homegirl" is a figure of speech, in this case, intended to be gender neutral. I'm hollerin' at my male homegirls, too, ya know
I totally knew that. I got a homegirl who plays for the dolphins.
J Food Sci. 2011 Mar;76(2):C309-17. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-3841.2010.02022.x.

Chemical composition and antimicrobial and spasmolytic properties of Poliomintha longiflora and Lippia graveolens essential oils.
Rivero-Cruz I[SIZE=.8461em]1[/SIZE], Duarte G, Navarrete A, Bye R, Linares E, Mata R.

Author information


In the present study, we reported a comparative analysis of the chemical composition and pharmacological properties of the essential oils obtained from 2 Mexican oreganos, Poliomintha longiflora and Lippia graveolens. The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) profiles of the oils showed high amounts of oxygenated monoterpenes, mainly carvacrol (%[mg/100 g dry matter]) (18.36 [459.0] in P. longiflora and 13.48 [164.7] in L. graveolens). In addition, these oils contained marked quantities of p-cymene (14.09 [352.2] and 7.46 [37.3], respectively), ő≤-caryophyllene oxide, ő≤-caryophyllene, and carvacrol acetate.

Just checked but all i can find are small live plants. There was one vendor on Amazon that HAD seeds. I ran into the same issue with Laksa but lucked out finding plants locally. Now i just overwinter cuttings for the following year. Thank you for the thread though. In the spring i will look for Mexican oregano at the same garden shop. Dried is cheap at the market but its always nice to try homegrown.