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Where to buy fresh cayenne peppers in SoCal?

Hi Everyone,
I am kind of new to this hot sauce making game, but have had some recent success with fresh and aged jalapeno-based sauces. I was wondering if anyone on here knows where I can buy fresh cayenne peppers in Southern California? Preferably in Orange County where I am located. I am looking for actual fresh peppers, not powders, seeds, dried peppers, etc. Any help would be great!
Here in San Diego I have never seen fresh Cayenne for sale and I`ve looked in many places for different types of chiles. 
Thanks Nigel! Yeah I'm having a pretty hard time myself, however it appears that some people locally who grow them are selling them on Craigslist, so I may check that out. 
That's a good idea - however my townhome doesn't have much of a yard. I guess I could put some plants on my deck but I really don't get much sun. 
Cayenne tastes great, is really forgiving and awesome producer. Put a couple pots on your deck and be happy. I've a three year cayenne plant surviving with litlle effort.


My best grow so far was in containers on a covered balcony.... they only got 3-4 hours of direct late afternoon sun....
But it was in a slightly different climate than here in the Oceanside, ca area.... almost a constant 80F day and night and alot of humidity....
But then again, I was mixing organic ferts and miracle gro and only had to worry about insects that could/would fly up 8 stories to find my plants....
My grow out here last year was plagued with problems from aphids to scale and slow growth, organic pest control damage and gophers/moles, a stray cat that didnt learn the peppers were hot when it tried to eat them and took off screaming, and snails.... I despise snails so much right now....