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Which Bell Peppers ?

Hey THC crew ,

I normally grow peppers I can't get at the store. The price of Bell Peppers in my area has gone way up !! So I want to grow a few this year. Last year a friend gave me some he grew. Taste was great cause they were fresh but the flesh was very thin. I'd like some with thick flesh.

Any Bells you know of that are like that ? Great flavor, thick skin , and large . Also I've run out of space for starting seeds because of everything else I've started. I'll be making an order with CCN (http://www.chileplants.com ) for plants very soon ... if you know their stock that would be great.

Or simply names of strains would be a great help .

Thanks & Peace
try to get some Blushing beauty they are good and great looking also....

anyway take seeds from a pepper bought at the store! if you like them why not grow the same thing!

tehre is also some "mini bell" that are great
I feel your pain. Red bell peppers here are about 3.49 a pound! I managed to pick up some red super sheppards the other day and saved some seeds. Easily my favorite sweet pepper. It has a deep, almost smokey flavor backed up by a lot of sweetness. Best of luck!
anyway take seeds from a pepper bought at the store! if you like them why not grow the same thing!

I did this for red and yellow bell varieties I am growing this year. Also for Anaheim and Fresno. I also picked up some purple Bell and chocolate Bell seeds, I think from refiningfirechiles.com.
Not 'Bell' shaped but i've grown Corno di Toro Rosso (Red) last season and it was pretty tasty!
It's also available at CCN.



Not exactly a bell, but would you be interested in seeds for Ashe County Pimiento? It's an heirloom variety from Ashe County in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. It's well adapted to the short growing season of the mountains. A smallish pod with thick, juicy walls and very sweet when it turns red.
This season I'm planning on trying the following varieties, Ampuis, Chocolate Bell, Dulce de Espana, Elephant's Ear, Sweet Chocolate, Sweet Pickle and Topepo Rosso.
Peter from semillas has many great bell pepper varieties. Don't grow bell peppers from supermarket seeds, often these are F1 and you and up with boring tasting pods of inconsistent shapes.
im growing these in rockwool, and the bells it produces are great.
i also have some ace f1's... but they are in consistant, some are a good shape, but many are very irregular. the triple 4 is super super consistent with a nice thick flesh.

P I did some bells last year just from Lowe's (whatever brand that is) and they turned out pretty horrible. The bells never got bigger than the size of a kiwi... I'm sure it was my fault but I couldn't get them to get big.
Last year I grew California Bell Peppers from Bakers Peppers. They didn't get as big as the store bought kind but most were at least the size of a baseball. They had a nice thick flesh and tasted far superior to store bought. I'm growing them again this year.