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White Habaneros

Has anybody here grown these little "devils"....the fruit is about 1 inch X 1/2 inch and start off as yellow, which is when I thought they were ripe; however, since I missed a few weeks of picking they have turned a lucid white in color.  When they were yellow, I thought I was growing a different variety.  These white babies are hotttt!  Comments?...suggestions on drying?   Thank you.
I smoke the bejesus out of mine. Cold smoke so you don't "cook" them. Then I dehydrate lowest setting for a couple hours. When they crackle and fall to pieces with a gentle squeeze of my hand, they are done. They naturally have a smoky flavor, but when you add some more smoke to them they are perfect. Try a mix of cherry and pecan wood chips.
My white habanero produced its first ripe pod last week.  It has a lot of catching up to do... lol.  But it is and has been absolutely loaded to the ground with pods.  I have yet to actually try it though.  They are really cool looking pods.
Nice compact bush if your area has high wind /damage, but they aren't for me as the pods are too small to bother with and no really redeeming properties to offset being so small.  In other words I prefer the tastes that come along with different colored habs, they have everything a white has plus something more.
Sauce on the other hand... it's enlightening to give a friend some sauce that's white and pretty hot.  Most people seem to assume sauce has to be red, green, brown or orange to be hot.
I'm growing these as well. The plant looks nice when it's full of ripe peppers, and they're perfect for cooking when you only want a little heat added. Usually when I get a handful of ripe peppers at a time, I'll just take them and drop them into my pickled pepper jar that I keep at work. It's a gallon jar full of home grown and pickled peppers, onions, and garlic [only the peppers are home grown.... the rest is bought]. Yummy stuff!!!
I used to grow them some years ago - got the seeds from Redwood City in Cali and he sold them as "White Bullets".  Apt moniker for a tasty and hot little devil in a convenient size for fresh, non-cooking applications.  Great flavor and hundreds of pods per plant - the downside is you spend so much time picking them all your back starts to hurt.  As stated above, it takes a while for them to turn pearl white after you already think they are ripe.  Worthwhile to grow them at least once.