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White leaf veins?

These appeared within the last 2 days. The plants are in pots in a screened patio exposed to the elements. It has been raining multiple times a day for the past 2 weeks.

A few weeks ago I sprayed with soap and neem per directions which burned many plants. The ones I tested before hand did not show signs of burn within 3 days.

I currently have a white fly problem which the spray didnt help much with and am afraid of sprays at this point.

What is this?


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You applied the Neem and soap during daylight, or did you wait until the sun was down?
You're not going to get rid of whitefly with a singular application.  If you want something more powerful, you'll have to go the route of harsh chemical. 
Please give a detailed description of exactly how and when you mixed and applied the Neem.  Leave out no details.
2 tablespoons of 100% cold pressed neem oil and 2 teaspoons of unconcentrated dawn added to one gallon of rain water with ph of 6.3. Given at sun set, 6 hours after last direct sunlight.
Fine mist spray. Tops and bottoms of leaves.

Because of the heat, they do not receive any direct sunlight after 1 pm. They were sprayed around 7 pm. Temp around 82*F. Humidity probably over 80%.

I sprayed 1/3 of plants and waited 3 days before the rest. This was a few weeks ago. The first time I saw the white veins were today.
Problem 1 : Dish detergent should absolutely never be used in the garden.
You need to use a soap or some other emulsifier.  Personally, I use Dr. Bronner's, but someone else here recently recommended using Yucca extract.  I'm going to be checking into that.  But point being - real soap, never detergent.
2) : you said "pH of 6.3" - did you pH down the water prior to adding the mixture?
Detergent is not soap, but soaps must never be pH'ed in a Neem solution.  I cannot say for sure if this could be problematic with the detergent, but when emulsifying Neem, use either pure rainwater or distilled water, and do not alter its pH.
If I had to guess this one, I would say that the detergent that you used (in much too high of a concentration, by the way - mix Neem with soap at a ratio of 2 parts Neem to 1 part soap) stripped the wax coat.  It looks like your leaves are suffering a sun scald, similar to what can happen when plants are not fully hardened off.  Provided they don't get some sort of bacterial/fungal infection, I think that these plants can recover, with no lasting effect.  But I'd be shade clothing them for at least 3 weeks.
The rain water was acidic so I brang the ph up before adding soap or neem.

I've left them alone and they've had new growth without new damage.

I use dyna gro neem and the instructions on the label say dish soap. I've used dawn plenty of times before without problems but this is the first on peppers.
Will definately switch it up.

Locally the Dr. Bronner's comes in peppermint and lavender, any experience with these?

Thanks for the info.
I was thinking of testing a couple of plants using milk with neem oil and water.
Milk as an emulsifier for the neem and possible insecticide using its fatty acids. Why? <1/10 the cost and readily available.