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off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

I think I'm losing it! There was a YouTuber I remember back in the day who did pod reviews, sometimes 2 at a time. I believe he is from Washington, remember someone doing an article on him. It's driving me crazy, I remember him being a pretty well known YouTuber but he doesn't even show up when searching. Anyone know who I'm talking about? I think the guy was bald, don't remember many useful details to describe him by, lol.
Negative, though I do remember Neil! And Nigel. I remember this guy being a pretty successful YouTuber. Surprised that his videos don't pop right up when searching for POD reviews and stuff like that. It's making me wonder if there's some I'm crazy story of him leaving YouTube or something lol. I appreciate your response btw!
All I know is that he must have done something to tick off YouTube, as they deleted his channel entirely. Some time later, he was allowed to start a channel again, and he uploaded a few of his old videos there, but as you can see it never really went anywhere after that.
That's crazy. Well, at least I know I'm not losing my mind and the guy existed lol. Must be something intense he did in order to get kicked off YouTube though, now I'm curious lol.