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Wild Boar Garden´s hot Glog 2023 ✌️

Hi pepperlovers!

I think it is time to get a grow log started for the season 2023. I hope you will join in and follow along. Feel free to give me advice, critics, ask questions and leave comments of any kind! :D


As I already mentioned in my introduction post I am growing peppers since 2019. I am lucky I have enough space to try a lot of vegetable growing, but my favourite are peppers of all kind :hot:

First of all lets get started with my two main spots for the growing. The first one is directly at the house where I grow the plants mainly in buckets. Here will be the plants I want to visit daily (actually several times a day :D) and have a really close look on. The second spot is an outdoor garden some minutes away. Here I will grow all the leftover plants an plants which work better outside of a bucket. Here I grow also most of the other vegetables, especially tomatoes. But that´s another story 🙂

container garden:


And some big pots for the C. pubescens and C. baccatum 👍


open field:





For starting my seeds I usually use germination boxes. This used to work really great for me the last years. So no need to change anything :)
This year I started with C. chinense, C. pubescens an some wild varieties at 14.01.2023, C. annuum and C. baccatum followed at 21.01.2023.



Once the seedlings got rid of their seed I transplant them into BioBizz LightMix using multi trays. Here I usually get rid of plants which do not grow that great.
For the rest of the indoor cultivation I use BioBizz AllMix. In the final containers I mix up some old soil with compost.



The first few weeks the plants will stay in my cellar under some led lights. The temperature is roughly 20 °C / 68 °F.


Once the weather gets better the plants will get their first sun light, staying at our big window (facing to the south).


I think this should be enough for the beginning. Now you have an overwiev of the growing conditions I have. Next will be my selection of varieties for this season :D

I hope you will be following along!

Happy growing!

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Thank you very much @OCD Chilehead! ✌️

Every year I know what I am getting into with this amount of plants, but I just can´t resist :D

When the last frost is over I feel like ALL the plants need to be in their final destination by then. But it takes usually at least one week, more realistic two to three weeks to accomodate all the vegetable plants 🤷‍♂️ Once the plants are in the pots / ground I am feeling really reliefed and satisfied.
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Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the plants. Most of them seem to have settled in their pots after the repotting. They start to grow and produce some nice pods. Some pods are already ripening and ready to use. If am am lucky I will have unlimited amount of fresh peppers from now on until the end of october. Finally it is this time of the year! 😍

We did not have a single drop of rain for weeks, so I was really happy to see at least a little bit of rain yesterday. It reminds me of last year, which was also insanely hot and dry.


My Criolla Sella plant is doing really great, one of my favourites so far. A lot of plant growth and a lot of pods. They are not too spicy and have a typical baccatum flavour. Would be a good candidate for some nice powder.


The pods are quite small.


I also had the first ones on one of my Aji Equatoria´s. They are just a little bit spicy, but maybe that is just because of the first pods. They are pretty juicy and kind of crisp.


I think the next updates will be a little big bigger because there is a lot of going on with the plants now 🙂

Happy growing!

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I like your peppers and I really like your spot. It's a beautiful place with so many unique features, so many different looks. I'm pepper plant green with envy :clap: