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Wok on Fire!

Bought a new carbon steel wok a couple weekends ago and seasoned it up, now enjoying using it on the charcoal weber.  The centre insert of the cast iron grate is perfect size for it.   I didn't get pics of the first dish which was a spicy ginger broccoli stir fry but managed to  get a few this time.    thin sliced pork, shit ton of ginger, garlic, carrots, water chestnut, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, pea pods, bok choy , Thai bird chiles,  finished with low sodium soy, oyster sauce , sesame oil and a bit of corn starch slurry to thicken.   the first time I had a bit too much heat so cut back on the charcoal this time but slightly too much , as it was missing that slightly smoky flavour you get from a perfectly hot wok. 
Is anyone else out there rockin the Wok?    what is your favourite stuff to cook in it? 



Are you taking requests?
I'd like to put my order in for some Mongolian Beef.
Back in the day of the caveman I had a very nice all metal wok that was slicker than Astro-Glide on an icy sidewalk.
The ex stole it from me when we divorced.


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any pointers on a good recipe for mongolian beef?    most of the recipes I have looked up so far ,  involve velveting the meat,  but if it isn't essential I would rather skip it. 
i would think if you used a nice bit of rump or equivalent, sliced across the grain when possible, wouldnt require velveting... tougher cuts more so need the tenderising....
i really want to get my wok on one day over an open flame or coals.... my electric stove (or wok for that matter) just doent cut it!! lol
For something a little different I can recommend a dish called Lomo Saltado, which is a Peruvian style stir-fry made with beef or chicken.... no crazy ingredients... Tallarines Saltado is a great variation that incorporates spaghetti....

apart from using a pan that (imo) is too small, this guys video is quite good... aji amarillo is not essential and can be substituted with any hot pepper of your choice...
Ash years ago I tried making Mongolian beef without the velveting and I just couldn't get it to turn out right.
A Chinese gal that I worked with did the whole egg, sugar, and corn starch 'thang and would nail it every time.
Even doing it as she did I still couldn't get it to come out as tender and melt in your mouth as she did.
Ever 'thang she cooked magically turned into gold.


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I will try the full ancient chinese secret when I get around to the mongolian beef.  Tonight something a bit simpler
garlic, ginger, chiles, bit of coarse salt (added after picture) 


baby bok choy and some sliced onions,  finished with a   dash of oyster sauce, few drops of  toasted sesame oil,  and chicken broth with corn starch to thicken at the end

plated up with the grilled top sirloin
You guys made me hungry again, and I just had six mini-pizzas. About the Wok, it's indispensable in the kitchen IMO.
A hug!


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I need to wok on fire, yet.

I've been using the enameled CI one inside, but I need to pop the gourmet grate on the Weber already and get the SS and CS one's in service ASAP ...


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I have done a few since that I haven't taken pictures of, but winter time up here doesn't lend to outside cooking.  Tonight the  wind chill is supposed to be close to -40 C . I will still be grilling up a couple of ribeyes  and some mushrooms on the weber though. :)   Inside stir frying usually these days in my large cast iron frypan, I haven't bothered replacing my flat bottom wok  since what I have dubbed the thermite incident.


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I had a thermite incident as a child ...
50/50 aluminum and rust, and a hot start, and you've got a glowing orb of molten fire hot enough to melt carbide steel ...


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I have never actually figured out what happened.  I had it on the stove preheating and about a minute in it there was a weird burning sound  and I looked over and there was a burning white light that was similar to burning magnesium.   It was a coil stove so maybe it was the coil that caused the problem , I don't think carbon steel has magnesium inclusions big enough to cause something like that.
actually just thought, this really does go with the topic.. Wok on Fire LOL


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Interesting. The wok could certainly supply a little rust, and i suppose a previous piece of cookware could have left behind some aluminum on the coil ...

Surprise molten metal is not so much fun, certainly.

I had a thick SS grate glowing last night, while drunk, actually ...


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Wow. I really let this thread die. I do crank out stir fry on the weber still, but usually not spicy til after the fact to keep the wife or visiting family happy.

Tonight mixed veg and pork. Grilled a ginger, maple, soy marinated flank steak to go with. Nickel Brook cheeky Bastard session stout with it.
I will do some searching to see if I can replace the broken photophucket links.  * I never noticed before that you can't edit  really old posts.  , I will still try and get those pictures  and maybe just put them in a new post*


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