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bottles-jars Woozy Bottle Vs The World - Which is bottle is better?


I am at the stage where I am trying to make the money work!
Part of that (as Im sure you all know!) is finally deciding on bottles, lids and labels so you can buy a thousand of them and actually start making a small profit. 
I am however having a hard time working out which way to go on the bottles and would love to know everyones take on this!
My hot take;
Woozy Pros/Cons
- Instantly recognisable as hot sauce
- Easier to find and a little cheaper
- Neck a little too thin for my chunky hot sauce
- Might not stand out?
- Stands out on shelf next to other Hot Sauce
- Can find pouring style suitable to my hot sauce
- Can be a little more expensive and might run out of stock
- If the only hot sauce on the shelf, will people recognise it as hot sauce or just another condiment?
What do you guys think? Concerns unwarranted? Is the only way to do a few runs and test??
Love to hear the Hot Pepper wisdom!


Business Member
You pretty much have the main points figured out.  It's up to what is your priority now?  Budget? differentiation?  Labels can do a lot to make your product stand out.  All of the square bottles are recognizable as a sauce or condiment bottle.  If the sauce is thicker, you may need to go with the wider neck despite the cost.  
Couple other notes- I wouldn't use anything smaller than 5oz unless it is a reeeeaaaallly hot sauce that will be used by the teaspoon-full.  If the sauce is yummy, I like to glob a lot on and a 5 oz bottle hardly lasts a couple meals. 
PS- I saw your Hello post, hope you aren't planning on selling anything until fully licensed.  Share, trade, give away, but don't sell.  There's several posts on this topic. 
Hope this helps, and good luck with your endeavors!
Thanks for the reply!
Looks like I'll go for a chunky bottle, wide lid, somewhere north of 5oz!
Pricing is tricky with a large bottle though. Not sure most people will drop the cash for a 10oz-12oz off the bat.
 And yep, no selling yet! Having the kitchen inspector coming over in the next couple of weeks!
I have had a few interesting conversations with restaurateurs, who worry about wide rims as the hot sauce doesn't last very long! Have you come across that before?