event World Wide List of Chilli & Hot Sauce Events

I am working on a list of Chilli and Hots Sauce events world wide, please take a look at the list below.. what have I missed..

Araluen’s Chilli Festival
Herb & Chilli Festival
Hot Sauce & Fiery Foods Festival
Sawtel Chilli Festival
Yeppoon Chilli Festival
Hot & Sopicy Food Festival
Piment d’Espelette
Chilli & Barbecue Festival
Dutch Chilli Fest
Diamante’s Chilli and Food Festival
Mole Sauce Fair Mexico
New Zealand
Hallertau Chilli & Hop Festival
Scone Palace Chilli Festival
Pimientos de Padron Fiesta
Bath Chilli Festival
Bennington Chilli Festival
Blackpool Chilli Fiesta
Brindley Place Chilli Festival
Burton Christmas Chilli Festival
Chilli Brigade Chilli Festival
Eastleigh Chilli Fiesta UK
Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival
Grillstock Bristol
GrillStock Manchester
Hertfordshire Chilli Fiesta
Holker Chilli Fest
Huntingdon Chilli Fiesta
Lincoln Chilli Fiesta
Merthyr Chilli Fiesta
North East Chilli Fest
Shoreham Chilli Fiesta
The Cheese & Chilli Festival
The Festival of Heat
The Great Dorset Chilli Festival
The Lakes Chilli Festival
Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival
Waddesdon Chilli Festival
West Dean Chilli Fiesta UK
Lewis Chilli Day
East Midland Chilli Festival
Oxfordshire Chilli Festival
Chilli Festival at the Dorothy Clive Garden
Frosts Chilli Festivals
Simpsons Tomato & Chilli Tasting
Cajun Hot Sauce Festival
Chile Chilli Festival
Chile Pepper Fest
Chile Pepper Festival
Chile Pepper Festival
Denver Chilli Fest
Fiery Foods Festival
Gallup Chile Fest
Hatch Valley Chile Festival
Hop Sauce
Houston Hot Sauce Festival
I like it Hot Festival
Indiana Hot Luck & Fiery Foods Marketplace
Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival
National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival
National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show
North Carolina Hot Sauce Contest
North Market Fiery Food Show
NYC Hot Sauce Expo
Oro Valley Chile Festival
Oxnard Salsa Festival
Parrish Florida Chilli Cookoff
Pinellas Pepper Fest
Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival
Roosevelt Road Chile Pepper Festival
Salsa Showdown
Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta
Smoke-N-Fire Food Fest
Snook Texas ChilliFest
Taylorville Chillifest
Viva New Mexico Chile Festival
Weekend of Fire
South Africa
Chocolate and Chilli Festival
Balkan Chilli Festival
Thanks in advance, this is part of the appendix of a new book we are working on
David Floyd
AKA Hot Juan

:welcome:  Nice lists. I'm a lil' curious why you've been a member for three years but today was your first post?

I own a web site www.chilefoundry.co.uk and took some time off while others ran if for me, I am back now writing a new book on chillies.

Most of the time I read the post from others as part of my research, now what I am working on needs more interaction.

Damn I wish there was enough interest here where I live for a chilli festival. Most people I know think a bird pepper is ridiculous hot and eating a habanero is akin to a death wish