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xcsports grow log 2010

Well i dont have a working digital camera but i thought i would start one since i am gonna try growing my plants in pots indoors well my first pepper i transplanted wer 3 Tangerine Cheese sweet pepper plants about 5 inches tall. i wanted to do more varietys in diffrent pots but the others were to small. i got the pots from plum trees i planted this year.
Goodluck with your grow season. I would advise getting some type of camera because it will help identify the problems you will probably encounter during your growing.
I also makes it so much more fun to read and watch, regardless best of luck with your season this year!
ok. i did get plants from a guy who hosts a chile pepper fest. i also had seeds before that. i get seeds from seed savers exchange and a couple of seed sourses i also get a few plants from chileplants. i go to the nusery and get some plants every year. I just finnished transplanting some almapaprika and bulgarian apple.
ok here are some pics from last year when my camera worked

Red Devils Tongue
Peach Habanero

Caribbean Red
Black Scorpion Tongue
Lightning Habanero not yet available to the public unless you come to the bowers chili pepper festival is grown out.
Devils Tongue
Ok just was watering my plants and i saw that my datils grew. i bought them last week when they were .5 inches tall. now theys are 3inches tall
xcsports said:
Lightning Habanero not yet available to the public unless you come to the bowers chili pepper festival is grown out.
Devils Tongue
Nice photos xcsports!
Lightning hab? Interesting
it was created by james weaver who also created capuchino hab, peach hab, and mustard hab. one of many pennsylvanian habanero peppers
i grow lightning hab, Devils tongue red, hinklehatz, capuchino hab, mustard hab, and peach hab. another pennsylvanian pepper i have is weavers menonite stuffing witch was created by james grandfather abraham weaver it is a large bell pepper
while i was watering my peppers i saw i had another Ho Chi Mihn and Anahiem sprout today so thats 5 days in a row with new pepper germination
got back from jersey got
Solar Flare
Royal gold
somemore wiri wiri and condoors beak did not do my best this year germinating
aji habanero
aji omnicolor
congo trinadad yellow
bird dung
chiltepin fort prescott
georgescu chocolate
chombicho yah my first C exile species
safi red
and many more spent about $100 there and jany(aka The Chile Godess) was looking at me weired
ok i bought some red habs at the store made a hot sauce and my stomach still hirts man those things are hot its been 2 years since i ate one but it hirts the whole way through. last time i had one the heat would not leave my mouth now the heat gos away but the flavor comeback
I was thinking they look like Cili goronong red. From my experience the twisty, groovy shaped peppers usually aren't always the best tasting and they seem to get bugs and/or rot a lot more common than regular shaped chiles. They sure do look cool
they are not eather varietys. my friend crossed red hab, orange hab, chocolate hab, peach hab, mustard hab, and capuchino hab and got this. so far i only got red ones he has had them stable for 3 years now the real name is not lightning habanero but just lightning, it makes 3 inch long habanero fruits of about 300000-500000 shus only available in south east pa. its great living between James who is 30 mins awy to the west and janey 1hr 30 mins to the east.
So Far i have plants of

Aji Brazilian Starfish
Aji Colorado
Aji Cristal
Aji Lemon Drop
Ancho San Luis
Antillias Caribbean
Bhut Jolokia
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia Lemon
Bhut Jolokia Orange
Black Cuban
Black Pearl
Bulgarian Apple
Bulgarian Carrot
Cheiro Peach
Cheiro Red
Cheiro White
Christmas Bell
Congo Trinadad
Congo Yellow Trinadad
Filius Blue
Goat Horn
Greek Pepperoncinni
Habanero Capuchino
Habanero Caribbean Red
Habanero Condors Beak
Habanero Mustard
Habanero Neon Yellow
Habanero Peach
Habanero Red Savina
Habanero Zavory
Hades Hot
Ho Chi Mihn
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Lantern Peach
Naga Jolokia / Indian PC1
Peter Red
Peter Yellow
Hot Portugal
Purto Rican Aji Dulce
Sand Dollar
Scotch Bonnet Jamaican
Scotch Bonnet Pink
St lucia Red
St Lucia Yellow
Tangerine Cheese
Trinadad Perfume
Trinadad Scorpion
West Virginia Pea
Wild Brazil
Wiri Wiri
Yung Ko

I'll keep updating later