Yellow Reaper Seeds

Yep, as newpeppergrower mentioned. The yellow Reaper does exist. It would be pretty tough to get your hands on some right about now.
John F has them but he wants to grow them out to try and stabilize them.
Sowed seeds. Will see in a few months
RFC source wise to me looks shady. Lots of complaints about the red Carolina reaper. Just saying.


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Man if anybody gets a hold of some leprechaun 7 pot seeds let me know.


I found it! 
 Chris....... Tex Got them from Ed, he talked with Ed about them and sent Ed an box of yellow pods. They may have been one of the weird variety, but they were reapers.
I know someone in the UK got yellow pods from Reaper seeds bought from Puckerbutt. They look like Reapers, but that`s about all I can say.