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Yellowfin2na Hydroponic Grow 2015 *PIC INTENSE*

So I wanted to share my first hydroponic pepper grow so far. Started December 1st and now we are two months in. I have a home made indoor system that is half NFT half DWC. I also have a plant that I grew in a coffey can under T5 lighting.
I was so unorganized in the beginning and it was a rough start. But I think Im getting that hang of it. I am growing both peppers and tomatoes in the same system which became a challenge. Even worse I have no idea what plants are what because during seedling stages my tray was knocked over mixing everything up. The pepper plants are either Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, or White Habanero. The tomatoes could be anything. I have 10 different exotic kinds and not a clue to what is what.
Dec 19 2014 a few weeks after sprouting they were put into the NFT system

In the beginning I had both pepper and tomatoes in the NFT system

Coffey can pepper plant was started but ran a few weeks behind the others.

Roots coming along nicely


December 31 2014 after a struggle with balancing PH and getting it down the plants begin to veg nicely.

Roots are booming

Coffey can plant doing ok. I think I straved it a little in the beginning.

Just kidding I figured it out......
January 7 2015 had to move some plants around because the roots of the tomatoes were getting very long. The tomatoes had almost no growth on top but the roots were longer than shoe strings


Tomato roots are getting long
very nice. here is some root porn of my BORG 9
Awesome looks like lightning and thanks for the bump!

January 13 2015
Coffey can plant moved into T5 cardboard grow box. Patent Pending :P

Growing a little faster now


Super Fuzzy Roots

January 19 2015
Tomatoes are taking over.


January 25 2015
I am really running out of room with these tomatoes. The roots are starting to clog the system.


Im having to fold up the roots to prevent them from clogging the system

I have to come up with a plan quick for the sake of my peppers.
January 26 2015
The next day I come up with the plan. I decided to turn my reservoir into a DWC to hold my tomatoes and let my peppers breath. This turned out nicely. The tomatoes are now low enough so they don't block the light or clog the NFT system. Both system run off the same reservoir. Here is a pic of how bad the tomato plant roots were getting.

And here is the new system!

Water temp is near perfect for maximum root nutrient intake

Almost forgot about the coffey can plant!

Pods forming! (I think)
Decided to give the smaller plant a trim. I've been really scared to do any cutting but figured I'd see what it does. Not sure if I trimmed too much.



And thank you pex for calling out my flowers cuz they heard you.

Now if you'd please tell them to pod I'd greatly appreciate it.
Tomatoes are once again getting out of control. I have topped and topped again yet they come back twice as hard. I was really hoping I could hold off another month until it gets warm them move them into there own system outside, but I'm just not sure I'm going to make it that long.
On the plus side more and more flowers are forming. Cross my fingers I haven't had any flower drop on my NFT plants and I hope it stays that way cuz this plant will be loaded if they pod.

I ordered some led lights to replace my T5 for my coffey can plant. I was getting some flower drop on this plant because of heat I believe. Actually the buds would shrivel up before they could even turn into flowers. I'm hoping these new leds will give it what it needs.
I thought this was pretty neat. When my grow box is closed the leds put off a multi spectrum of light through the cracks. This really shows you how many different color spectrums this particular light hits. I was pretty impressed.
It's been a few weeks and the flowers are everywhere now. I can't seem to get them to pod but at the same time I'm not really experiencing flower drop. Only three flowers have fell. Not sure what's going on with that.

Coffey can plant roots now fill the entire container. Also started some new coffey can plants that are about a month old.....
Ok seriously guys another week has passed and still no pods! Again I dont think Im experiencing typical "flower drop" compared to the large amount of flowers on there. Only 6 flowers have fallen (one I knocked off on accident). Yet they refuse to pod. They just seem to be ganging up together.....staring at me while flipping me off saying "No pods today B****!" 
Doesn't seem like it should be taking this long.