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Your All Around Toughest Tomato Ever

Hi all, for the last two years my favorite tomatoes have been a dismal failures, these are the same or almost the same tomatoes I have grown for the last 11 years, but with the way things are changing both weather and Pest wise I need to take a good hard look at whats being grown.
I'm open to international suggestions as I will be looking to see if I can trade for a few all around tough tomato.
Here is what I have been growing or rather what I started out with over 11 years ago, most of which are now more land races as most have in and out crossed.
1. Stupice- a small tomato from Czechoslovakia fair tasting Indet.
2. Box car Willie basically a 6 - 10 oz indet. tomato that has fairly good flavor
3. Costoluto florentino another nice flavored Indet. tomato from Italy
4. Russian Rose good sized pink tomato with good flavor. Indet.
5. Mexico another good flavored large Tomato Indet.
6. Aussie a good all around large tomato Indet.
7. Stump of the World.
8. Hawaiian pineapple
9. Pineapple
10. Dixie golden giant
11. Matt's Cherry
12. yellow pear
13 sweet 100's
14. riesentraube
I have several hybrids that I grow also, I stop growing 5 varieties in 2011 and now it looks like I will not be growing another 5 including my grand daughter's favorite yellow pear and sweet 100.
So What i would like is to see just what are the hardiest tomato that you all have grown and how well it stood up to diseases and pest. This is a short list of my diseases here in MO.
Early and late blight
Tobacco mosaic
Pest Problems-
Horn worms
spider mites
cut worms
pepper maggots
Vine boring beetles
Cold wet spring with a sudden change to 100 plus temps and very high humidity which causes killers mold and mildew.
So does anyone anywhere have a tomato that seems to stand up to problems like these???
You should post this question at tomatoville. I don't think there is a tomato that's resistant to all that. The
problems I have are, early and late blight, and army worms. Occasionally I find a tomato hornworm. You
can use BT for the worms, and ortho has a product that has the same thing as daconil for blight. It's a
concentrate. You start spraying before the blight appears. I did still get some blight though, but still got
plenty of tomatoes.
for plain out, raw hardy tomato, you may wish to look at a hybrid called starfire, they were created at the the morden research facility in manitoba for the canadian prairie. fruits are round and uniform and consistent in size, colour, shape.

you can see my end product on dave's garden; just do a search for starfire. the plant in the picture was started in soil, move to hydro then back to soil. it was my first tomato plant to produce ripen fruit.

i had no problems with the plant.
I know that most tomatoes will not stand up two all the problems I face I have several hybrids Celebrity could be one of them I also have Big Beef which is VFFNTA it stans up to most tomato diseases, but when hit with mildew and then spider mites it drops dead just as the other ones do. I will be looking over a great number of varieties.
I wanted to add that I try to be as oganic as possible, but usually I end up at summer time have to break out the big guns which have their own set of problems.
I'm hoping that some one from another country might have a favorite tough tomato, I will be happy to pay postage to any country in the world, so far I have mailed to Germany,Italy Australia, and Iraq and not had any problems except for Iraq and I still got the seeds .