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favorite Your favorite MILD varieties

After being introduced to the amazing, and nuanced flavors that super hot peppers have, I'm interested in other mild, or not so hot varieties that still have a big flavor.

I'm not to big on the annuum type flavor...grassy and vegetal. But more of the fruity, and floral flavors.
I can barely get my wife to smell a split open 7-Pot, much less taste it. But I'd love to be able to get her to try something with that flavor.

Some varieties I've read about are Aji Jobito, Brazillian Starfish, and Numex Suave.
I plan on growing a few of these next year, so I'd love to hear any input before I decide what seeds to get.
What have you tried or grown that really stands out?
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Growing Aji Jobito for first time this year and it's producing well. Grew Starfish a couple of years back. Pretty little pepper. Also grew Suave way back, but can't remember much.

Other suggestions are Aji Amarillo, great shape that works well for stuffing, and Crunch Sweet Orange, which I really like. I also grow a very mild Jalapeño.

Also remember Rainforest as being mild.
mild isn't in my dictionary ! just this guy ! 
Really mild?
Shishito (roasted)
Pickled pepperoncini
Banana peppers (great pickled on burgers)
Korean green gochu are often pretty mild.
Anything milder i would consider a sweet pepper. Some of the above can even end up sweet and heatless.
Next year im still on the fence. Its between Jobito, Aji Dulce and Numex Suave. A milder version of a lemon drop would be nice too. The baccatum flavor has really grown on me. They are not really that hot but a mild one would really be interesting.
Aji fantasy, CGN 21500, Aji Melocoton, Aji Dulce are my favorite mild.

Bishops hat, Br. Starfish I also like.

Dulcetta, Kaleidoscope are really good sweets.
Dont forget Poblano, Aleppo, Jalapeno....Pasilla, Bulls heart...
Since they started to ripen I love my Cheyenne Chili Peppers they are sweet crunchy and a little heat to accompany a great taste.

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I'm not worldly enough to have any real pepper vocabulary, the usual suspects have been my fare, jalas, problanos and the anaheims, but the day a friend in Mesa AZ put an aji amarillo in my hand and said "Don't swallow right away, just chew and let the flavor metamorphosise in your mouth", I was in peppa heaven. You guys see the scorps and bhuts and reapers as ambrosia, and I'm slowly headed in that direction, but that amarillo was the most flavorful pepper to ever pass my lips....

Uh, sorry....What was the question?