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Your Steady Eddies

Year after year, my regular Bhut Jolokias and Naga Moriches are among the best performers. I don't think I've ever had one not do well. Lots of others do well too, but are not as prolific or consistent every year. Perhaps it's my growing environment, seed stock, or just that regular bhuts/nagas kick butt. I can't say the same for chocolates or hybrids.
This is a bhut pic from a previous year, but this season's plants are starting to load up. Good ol' bhuts.

moruga welder said:
sweet ! what did you feed them ?    :onfire:
I think that year I only watered in a little Epsom Salt and MG Tomato plant food. They were potted in my soil blend (which includes a lot fair amount of compost). This year I'm trying Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom, but only a little bit as the soil has plenty of nutes. So far things look good ... but we'll see.
Here's a picture of part of my home grow taken today. We've had a week of 100 degree temps, and the sunshade definitely helps.

Does anyone else have steady eddies that perform well every year?
The lemon drop do well for me every year. They grow like gangbusters from February through September, and would go beyond but for the overwhelming bug problems usually experienced by that time.
My bishops crown are good producers and this is my second year growing them. This is my first year growing Caribbean Reds so I'm hoping they do well and are prolific with pepper production. I had bad luck with my bhut plant last year but this year the two biggest plants I have are red bhuts and they have tons of flowers on them right now and I just got my first pepper on one yesterday. This year the plant that has the best production right now is a Butch T Scorp with lots of nasty looking peppers and lots of flowers on the plant. I'm anxious to see how my Jays Peach do as I have 5 of them and some of my choc varieties perform this year. This is just my 2nd season growing anything hotter than a serrano lol.