event Zest Fest or Fiery Foods Show?

cool with me Scott...I purposely told Bodie I would NOT be available for gigs that weekend...
which peppers?
I think that one is Pepper Palace

no ma'am, Peppers of Key West

The Defcon Pallet of Doom is encased in an over-sized, 3-foot thick armored shell made of a reinforced titanium/molybdenum alloy, concrete and lead that not only protects its radioactive contents from accidental spillage & leakage, but will effectively safeguard it from outside forces such as jack-knifing 18 wheelers, runaway freight trains, mortar attacks and indirect hits from MOAB and daisy-cutter bombs.
Hmmmm, never thought of a MOAB strike. I'll have to rethink my packaging next time. On a happier note, just got done with a special little batch of Zero Sludge for the show.
Creator - from what another member says you can't get any hotter than what you start with... ;)
Damn, I forgot. :rofl:
I was going to reply to that post, but found myself 3 paragraphs in and lost the desire to type any more.

7 days and counting.......

Cya in a week
Leaving Monday with a truck load of all goodies for a two day drive to Plano where the hotel is. Looking forward to all of the fun as I get to watch all the suffering from across the isle ate the DEFCON booth...