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Zone 5/6

Rule 1 when the wind blows from the North your in zone 5 - blows from the South your in zone 6. Been blowing North lately threw off my transplanting from the 13th to the 22nd. Had to break down and give the babbies some chem fert. You would have thought i gave them cocaine. My Capasicum exile already having 6 leaves popped out two more in a day and a half and started two more. my Jalapeno Early was starting to look a little leggy now are standing up ready to kick ass. Even my tomatoes look thicker. Unfortunally my precious cat dumped a planter of Dwarf Greek Basil over. Now I got a small pot of it instead of a planter. I've held off on starting the second wave of seeds till at least April. I do see a warming trend comming up this week so at least the herbs on their way out. You all are probally waiting on a question so heres one. Got any pet plants yet? Got one Jalapeno I started in Jan the only regular one from last year that I got to start. I can see me overwintering her ( I know it's a common Pepper ) it just reminds me of forty years ago on my dads farm wishing I could go anywhere but here. Now I'd give my left nut to be back on that farm. Think I just might bonsi her. Yea you can do that to a pepper plant. Lee on the WildChilli.com has a Capasicum lanceolatum thats done that way. Simply beautiful :)
Here's an old but popular article on bonchi (or bonsai chiles) that may interest you
Old school- Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food. I know it's not high tech but it's always worked for me. Personally I believe in compost and shit. Hate to give them chem ferts but I can't back hoe a germination tray.
Wow thanks for the info on bonchi (hillbillies don't always spell right). I wouldn't imagine anyone other than me on this site that had any thought of it. Goes to show the endless array of subjects one can find on this site.
This might be a dumb ? POTAWIE but that first picture of a habanero - the fruit doesn't look like any habanero I know. The Bolivian RainBow WOW!!!!!!