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03 September 2018 - 05:02 PM

I made my beer route!!

This year we made the tour of the "Lac Saint-Jean" starting from Quebec city.




Total distance : Aprox. 1000 KM (650 miles)

Duration : 4 days


This was a lot of fun, but damn I'm full of beers! 



Ill share some of the beer I tasted



Hopera microbrasserie


From left to right
-Dry Stout  4.5% IBU 22 : Predominance of chocolate over coffee
-Bitter 5% IBU 46 : Traditional irish red ale with toffee aftertaste
-American Brown Ale 4.5% IBU 15



From left to right

-Double IPA 8% IBU ? 

-Gose N' roses  4%  :  gose made with rose water.

-Put tarts  5% IBU 9 : Sour season with raspberry




Lion bleu microbrasserie


The one on the front :


IIPA with passion fruit   7.77% IBU 47

Also in the picture : 


Hefeweizen 4.4% IBU 11

CourtePointe #3 7%  (mix of two IIPA with 30% gose)



La chasse pinte microbrasserie


This one was my favorite place... just too beautiful



Had a lovely season  with wulong tea 5% and IBU 20




Ate a lovely poutine made with  "beef bourguignon" of red deer




microbrasserie du lac saint jean


Another rasbberry sour named "maringouin" so moskito in English   :) This one was insane and the best I tasted to this date 4.9%





Microbrasserie Le coureur des bois


This microbrewery use local spices found in the wood.


From left to right :


Jaseuse 5% IBU 11 : White beer with local blueberries

Harfang 4.5% IBU 17.6 : Witbier with coriander and citruses.

Lynx  5% IBU 27.5 : Pilsner with a malt, floral and lemon taste.

Renard 5% IBU 27 : Irish red ale with toffee and hazelnut taste. Best one I tasted to this day. The hazelnut aftertaste was insane.

Ourse Noire 5% IBU 26 :  Oatmeal stout with a creamy espresso and chocolate taste.





La Chouape microbrasserie


From left to right :


-Blanche bio  5.1% : Witbier with wheat,coriander and orange taste

-Rousse bio 5.3% : Irish red ale with some herbal taste.

-Session but I dont remember because it was a collaboration between two microbrewery and there was no description.

-Noire à l'avoine 5.2% IBU 40 : Oatmeal stout who won the Strasbourg 2010 gold medal









Microbrasserie de Tadoussac : 


We had to take a big ferry to get there crossing a Fjord.





Sadly I didn't note these one, but who don't like some beers picture   :D







Microbrasserie de Saint-Honoré


Same thing didn't note ....





Microbrasserie BR77


We cant see anything, but here I am with my friends.


It was so dark I couldn't take the menu with the description with my phone.





I did bring some beers back ;)


Anxious to try the peer season and the gose made with seaweed 




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25 August 2018 - 10:42 PM

Today harvest (2018-05-25)


Take note that the 7 pot primo and the ghanghis khan didnt grow true to their pheno. 

Also the scoville unit was for my friends and instagram and are really approximative ;)



The best looking brainstrain





This one is supposed to be a brainstrain, but the pods on this plant are not bumpy at all. Cool looking and I saved the seeds.

Also I put all the "non-bumpy brainstrain" in the golden bhutlah stack which I'm sure is just a cool name for yellow 7 pot lol





Ill be making a shit load of powder in the next days.



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19 August 2018 - 06:13 PM

2018-08-14 Harvest


2018-08-19 harvest



In Topic: hot peppers!

16 August 2018 - 04:40 PM

Sup first thread ever

Mine is the yellow 7 pot

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11 August 2018 - 07:29 PM

I really like the Apocalypse Chocolate and Death Spiral , where you got these?

Keep up the good work :)