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Tridents - Fifth Season Bonnets/Hybrids 2018

03 February 2018 - 10:42 AM

Snowdrops out and the early signs of daffodils are abundant here in the U.K. ... we are reminded that winter is all but done however looking at next weeks temperatures I am not so sure. I am late this season I normally sow between Christmas and New Year but last season I was too advanced and the Growtents were bulging before I could get the plants into the polytunnel.... my propagation is crammed full of all sorts of chilli seeds germinating away after their tea soak ... big year for me as I retire in June but really looking forward to this season as I have managed to secure more true Bonnets and a few new Bonnet Hybrids. A massive "thank you" to all that have helped me continue my Bonnet/Hybrids/Hot Chinense journey especially Simmy, Justin (WHP), Sandra Tipton (Foggia), D3, Bhuter, Chiliriot, Gentetikx, Jeanie Y, GIP, MikeUSMC

SB Red
SB Black River
SB P. Dreadie
SB Papa Joe's
SB Free Port Orange
SB Rodney Bay - St Lucia
SB Castries - St Lucia
SB Gros Islet - St Lucia
SB Beth Boyd Orange
SB Trinidad Chocolate
SB Cappuccino
SB MoA (tailed)
SB MA Peach/Pink
SB Tobago-Faria

SB Sweet Moruga
Omni-Bonnet F2
SB x Savannah
Sepia Serpent x SB7J
7pot Jonah Yellow x SB
Wartryx x SB
Obeah F4
Trinidad SB x 7pot
Salem F2

El Scorponero F3
Pale Yellow Goat F4
Purple Ghost Scorpion
Bubblegum Pumpkin
Chris Fat Red x Jigsaw
7pot Cinder F3
Orange Gum Tiger Mamp
MA Yellow Pixie
BBG7 x Tobago Treasure
Jamaican Hot Chocolate

Over forty varieties let's hope my germination rates are positive - good luck to you all and thanks for looking in

Tridents Bonnet Set - Season 4

25 January 2017 - 03:40 PM

Forth season bonnet and their hybrids grow .... a couple of varieties to come ... thanks to Smoke (C2C chilli forum) who posted them on Monday ... most listed have been in the propergator's since the 7th January. Thanks to all that have helped me to continue with my bonnet thread without your help I would not have been able to have listed so many varieties this season. Especially pleased to get back seed from Justin - White Hot Peppers which I sent him last season to get refreshed ...... will update the late arrivals and no shows

Scotch Bonnet Steve's Yellow SB ( chili-pepper.ch)
Schneider Farm SB (self)
MoA Yellow (Stickman) - Dennish's 2017 Challenge US/UK
MoA Red (Mike USMC)
P. Dreadie's Select (self)
Foodarama Yellow (Mike USMC)
Foodarama Red (Mike USMC)
Cappuccino SB (Mike USMC)
Jamaician Long SB (self)
Haiti Red SB (Peppernorth)
TFM SB ( FreeportBum)
Scotch Brain Long SB (FreeportBum)
Scotch Brain F3 ( JH/ White Hot Peppers)
Beth Boyd's Yellow SB (self)
Obeah F3 (self)
Freeport Orange SB (self)
Jamaician Black River SB (Pulpiteer)
Matthew Arthur's Peach SB (White Hot Peppers) seed sent last season to Justin to be refreshed
7pot NeBru (White Hot Peppers) as above
7pot Jonah Yellow x SB (White Hot Peppers)
7pot Orange x SB (White Hot Peppers)
7pot x Trinidad SB (self)
7 pot Savannah x SB Yellow variety (Chiliriot)
Sepia Serpent x SB (Chiliriot)
SB7J x Neyde Orange variety (Chiliriot)
Sweet Moruga SB (Moruga Welder)
Matthew Arthur SBN Chocolate SB (self)
Elysuim Oxide Bonnet X - moruga shaped (White Hot Peppers)
SBJB F1(self)
Cross 1. F1 (self)
Cross 2. F1 (self)

Want to be SB
Puerto Rico Purple Splotched (Christopher Phillips)
Espiritu Santo (White Hot Peppers)


Bahamian Beast F1. (White Hot Peppers)
Matthew Arthur Daisy Cutter (Superhot Sim)
BOC x Orange Primo (Superhot Sim)
Aji Jobito x BBG7 Yellow off pheno (FreeportBum)
Korean Hong Gochu (Stickman)
Lemon Drop - THP throw down (self)

Steve Foster (Scotch Bonnet Steve) Yellow SB

20 September 2016 - 10:33 AM

Not sure if this is the right place to start this thread so I apologise if it's not where it should be. I think you will all agree that if you have been following the P. Dreadie select glog we have done Erin proud and his select bonnet will continue to flourish. For 2017 I would like to ask if anyone has tucked away in their seed box any of Scotch Bonnet Steve's SB Yellow or know of a vendor that has any. My notes say I received in 2012 a seed packet from a site in Switzerland but they no longer exist and I don't have them now. I didn't know Steve but I understand he named many varieties besides his Yellow SB. If enough seed can be sourced I am sure others would support me by growing out this variety ensuring Steve isn't forgotten in the chilli world

Thank you

Not Foodarama Red

17 September 2016 - 10:05 AM

Strange plant if you see the leaves on the left they are drooping this variety likes the shade rather than full sun and the end of the branch leaves react to "bright light" ... flower was the standard white C. Chinense pods have a shinny smooth skin rather than rough ... either way I am not disappointed another unitensional cross nature has provided for me or do you know it's parentage


Trident's Bonnets 2016

26 December 2015 - 01:39 PM

Once again it's that time of year ... sowing miss labelling and no shows. Thank you to all that have helped me find new and obscure bonnets and hybrids. This forum generosity has been staggering and the Christmas Cards across the pond full of seed have worked well in both directions ... clone tent cleaned T5's dusted off


Firstly the usual suspects

Elysium Oxide - Mustard
Elysium Oxide - Rust
ScotchBrain F4 - Meatfreak
Trinidad SB x 7pot
SB Foodarama Red
SB Foodarama Yellow
MoA Yellow
SB Jamaican Yellow
SB P. Dreadie
SB Peach
SB Atomic
SB FreePort Orange
SB Allen Boatman

New for 2016

SB Saraga Orange Short Pheno - jcw10tc/Fiogga
SB Saraga Orange Long Pheno - Fiogga
SB Jamaica Orange Long - mpicante
SB Jamaica Orange Short - mpicante
SB Yellow CCN ( Cross Country Nurseries ) - mpicante/Mr Bigglesworth
SB x TSM x Red Annuum F2 - Fiogga
SB Chocolate x Black Naga - Heefy/PepperNorth
SB Yellow x Naga Morich - HotToddy
SB Yellow Foodarama x Yellow Fatalii - Dennish
SB Schneider Farm - Pulpiteer/Romy6
SB Caramel - Romy6
SB Jamaican Long - Superhot Sim
SB Mathew Arthur's SBN Red - Superhot Sim
SB Mathew Arthur's SBN Chocolate - Superhot Sim
SB MoA Red - Plantguy76
SB Stuffing - Plantguy76
SB Jamaica - Mr Bigglesworth
SB x UBSC Red - Heefy
SB7J Yellow F1 - Romy6
SB7J Select - Steve Queen
2SB7J F1 - SB7J x MoA - Steve Queen
Neyde x SB7J - Chili Riot
Pimenta Leopard x SB7J
Obeah F2 - MoA x Reaper - Steve Queen
SB Mystery possible x BG - HotToddy
PA 353 - look alike Bonnet - Fiogga

Having successfully grown Borg9, UBSC Brown and Yaki last season I thought I would again grow a few hotties after a lot of thought I have chosen four ... Aji Jobito x BBG7 - Fiogga (Sandra) ... alot has been said about Aji Jobito all good things ... seed from Joe Delaney and BBG7 from Chris Phillips - would be nice if everyone included a seed/variety in this year's grow of Chris's

I am sure Sandra would not mind me posting her photograph


Well we have all heard and seen the great work "Medecins Sans Frontiers" do around the world especially in war torn areas. Sandra's daughters partner is part of Doctors Without Borders and probably whilst her daughter might say "take care" Sandra may say "If you see a chilli grab it" .. I love a story so my second hottie is simply another of hers named "DWB Columbia Red with tail"


Finally third and fourth choice "Arkansas Peach" a Sawyer Reaper variation I understand - Pulpiteer ... Moruga x Douglah - Snagglepus ... Knowing me there may well be more ... thank you for looking