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#1536416 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by BlackFatalii on 09 March 2018 - 09:08 PM

Also big time bonus if ya can tell me what these are.. 



Not sure what you mean. If you are referring to the white bumps on the stem just above the soil line, that is nothing to worry about. When you transplant the seedling, just bury the stem deep so that those are in the soil, and the plant will send out more roots from those nodes. 

#1536406 I think I need to up my pepper game.

Posted by BlackFatalii on 09 March 2018 - 08:47 PM

+1 for chileplants.com. They have a good reputation and a nice selection of seedlings to choose from.


A few ideas from the varieties they currently have available:


Paper Lantern Habanero http://www.chileplan...sed&pagesize=20


Chocolate Scotch Bonnet  http://www.chileplan...sed&pagesize=20


Yellow Scotch Bonnet http://www.chileplan...sed&pagesize=20


Safi Red http://www.chileplan...sed&pagesize=20





#1532285 First Supers

Posted by BlackFatalii on 27 February 2018 - 12:45 PM

I have read a number of times that Bhuts are possibly a stable chinense x frutescense.



According to CPI, genetic testing of Bhut Jolokia showed 3 genetic markers specific to capsicum frutescens, but also showed a 0.79 similarity with capsicum chinense, which makes it a chinense with some frutescens genes. (a totally pure chinense would have shown a value of 1.00)


Frutescens varieties are also cultivated in in northeastern India, so maybe it was a result of bees cross-pollinating them at some point in the past.

#1530300 Fresh Bhut Jolokia

Posted by BlackFatalii on 22 February 2018 - 05:03 PM

It looks like Sicman currently has mixed boxes of peppers available on his site: https://www.sicmansh...s.com/home.html


You can PM Sicman here on THP, or use the contact info on his site to reach him and see if he can fix you up with some Bhuts.

#1530007 Topped Peppers Question

Posted by BlackFatalii on 21 February 2018 - 07:13 PM

Relax, everything is fine.  :)  Lots of people top their plants; you aren't doing any harm by topping them. But I see no reason to remove additional leaves unless you have some lower leaves that are actually touching the soil. Your plants look nice and healthy; no need to mess with them any further, apart from maybe potting them up into larger containers to encourage more growth.

#1526351 Yellow manzano seeds

Posted by BlackFatalii on 10 February 2018 - 02:37 AM

Midwest Chileheads has them: https://www.midwestc...ant=26064726345

#1525352 What peppers to add/blend with DA BOMB BEYOND INSANITY?

Posted by BlackFatalii on 06 February 2018 - 01:49 PM

It seems a little strange to me to add fresh chiles to an extract sauce. If you really need more heat, something like the 13 mil Pure Evil would do the trick.


I usually just use superhot powders when I want to cook something really hot. I just keep adding powder while cooking, until I get the heat to where I want it. 


Smoked powders can be a nice touch in some foods as well.



#1525097 TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

Posted by BlackFatalii on 05 February 2018 - 06:33 PM

Nice! Plants and pods are looking good! Although I suspect that your Purple Naga Viper may have gotten mixed up as well. Mine have very dark purple, nearly black stems and branches, and some purplish/black coloration on the leaves too. But the one in your picture looks completely green. Although I suppose it might just be a result of instability in the strain. Either way, it looks quite different from what I have.

#1525083 Varieties for plant sale ?

Posted by BlackFatalii on 05 February 2018 - 05:46 PM

I expect a lot of people would be interested in the more familiar annuum varieties, and possibly baccatums too. Maybe some of the tastier, non-superhot chinenses like Scotch Bonnets as well. Or the very low heat ones like NuMex Suave Orange. I'm not too sure about the frutescens and pubes though.

#1525068 New UTZ Scorpion chips

Posted by BlackFatalii on 05 February 2018 - 05:10 PM

Since making my own powders now. I can turn any bag into a hot bag.



Yep, too easy to just make your own. Still, it is pretty cool to see superhots starting to get into the mainstream a little bit. If I see this in the store, I will probably buy a bag just to see if they are any good. The Paqui Ghost chips are actually pretty tasty, maybe these will be too.

#1522760 ID on these?

Posted by BlackFatalii on 30 January 2018 - 12:59 PM

It appears to be some kind of baccatum. Bishop's Crown seems like a good possibility, but other baccatum varieties can also have similar bell-shaped pods. I don't think it is a Brazilian Starfish, as those should have more flattened, disc-like pods, not bell-shaped ones as in your first photo. If you can remember what baccatums you grew last season, it could help to narrow your list of suspects.


Just for reference, this is what the pods on my Starfish plant look like:





#1522076 Original strain Bhut Jolokias

Posted by BlackFatalii on 28 January 2018 - 12:26 PM

Judy offers the seeds for just 2 bucks a pack: https://pepperlover....okia-red-detail

#1521983 Perennial pepper in Locke California

Posted by BlackFatalii on 28 January 2018 - 03:48 AM



That looks very similar to solanum pseudocapsicum, AKA Jerusalem Cherry. Jerusalem Cherry is not a pepper plant. In fact, the berries are mildly poisonous. It is sold as an ornamental plant.

#1521835 Dinsdale - Season 1 : "First Contact"

Posted by BlackFatalii on 27 January 2018 - 04:55 PM

Varieties on your list of 40 that I have tried and like:


7 Pot White: Thick walled and crunchy with a clean white chinense taste. Heat seemed to be upper habanero range or a little more.


Scotch Bonnet MoA: Very nice fruity flavor and habanero level burn.


Chocolate Bhut: At least as hot as a red bhut, but with a somewhat more complex flavor. Can be slow to germinate though.


Brazilian Starfish: Sweet and tasty, with a mild burn. Productive plant. One of my favorite baccatum varieties.


CGN21566: Fruity taste, habanero class heat. The burn seemed a bit smoother than with a lot of habaneros. 


So those would be my picks of the litter, although to be fair there are a bunch of varieties on your list that I still haven't tried yet. So take my opinion for whatever it is worth I guess.


I am interested in the Brown Rocoto though. I had a plant last year, but couldn't get it to set pods in my climate. I plan to try again this year.


Anyway, good luck with your first grow!



#1521790 Too many strains, how to choose?

Posted by BlackFatalii on 27 January 2018 - 12:52 PM

Here is a thread that mentions it. Unfortunately, Photobucket killed all the photos of the plant growing in a ping pong ball  :tear:  http://thehotpepper....ing ping ball