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Fermented Salsa Sauce

30 October 2016 - 02:19 PM

So I've got a great salsa recipe that I have been wanting to experiment with fermenting, and I have some super hot peppers expected to arrive tomorrow.

I was curious how a few of the ingredients would do fermenting. I will make this final ferment into a sauce after 30-90 days.


This would be my list of ingredients:

Stewed Tomatoes



red onion

bell pepper



4-6 super hots







The questionable items to me are the stewed tomatoes, corn, honey, lime and cilantro. I am tempted to run the ferment, minus those ingredients, and then to possibly add them when I go to cook the final sauce.


Any words of wisdom is much appreciated! This will be my 4th ferment attempt

Peppers Only Ferment 4-28-16

28 April 2016 - 07:14 PM

After successfully completing my 2nd mash, I am ready to try my third! 

The first two were fairly similar, and I wanted to try something that will be nothing but pure heat that I can use as a base to create other sauces. 

I had 5 bags with 5 varieties of superhots. Not sure what they all were, but I'm guessing Yellow Fatalli, Infinity, Scorpions, and 7pot or brains strain.

The total weight of the peppers came out the 236 grams


Into the food processor they go!


4% of salt by weight = 9.5 grams

Salt blended into pepper mix:


Into a sterilized jar with an airlock to sit for 30-90 days :-)



Thanks to SmokenFire and the rest of THP for being awesome mentors!

1st Ferment! Thanks to THP!

17 November 2015 - 07:02 PM

First off, I want to thank this wonderful community for the wealth of knowledge you all have made available.


I just joined THP today, although I have been following for the past 2 weeks or so.. I started making hot sauce this past summer, and instantly fell in love with it.
I live in Alaska, so it is hard to find and grow fresh peppers up here, but I found a website a few weeks ago that sends fresh peppers in the mail. After ordering quite a few, I was really excited to make some new sauce! So after lots of research and reading, I decided to try SmokenFire's "Newest Ferment - Easy and Fun!" recipe.


I didn't have a 64oz jar, so I halved the recipe as many other folks did. I also only had SUPER HOTS, so i decided to use those instead of jalapenos and habaneros. This is what I came up with:

8oz of a mix of possibly Scorpion/ 7pot/ Infinity (not too sure, see picture below) ~45 peppers

2oz of Carolina Reapers ~ 16 peppers

2oz of Red Fatalii ~ 12 peppers

8 oz carrots - trimmed (~4 carrots)

8 oz onions - quartered (3/4 of a sweet onion)

3 ounces of garlic cloves - skinned (~ about 2 1/2 bulbs)

20 grams of sea salt


All in all, there are approximately over 70 superhots in this sauce :-) I threw a few extras in just for the hell of it

Here is a picture of the "mix" of peppers.. Not quite sure what they are, but they taste nice and hot!



Frozen Carolina Reapers and Red Fatalii's on the Left, Onions/carrot/garlic in the middle, and 8oz of mixed red peppers on the right


Put all the peppers in the blender (i dont have a food processor, but this worked fine).. Added onion/carrot/garlic and salt once peppers were mashed..



Had to keep stirring it to help the blender till it was a good consistency:


Consistency check.. looking for any un-mashed material



Spooned it into a sterilized jar with an airlock



And now we wait!!


 Funny story about this mash... After I filled the jar, there were a few air bubbles.. So I knocked it on the counter to get them out and a stream of this sauce squirted right into my eyeball.. I was running around, screaming like a girl, thought I was going to go blind.. One of the most painful things I've felt in my life!! I was about ready to call the fire department, but then I tried pouring milk in my eyes and it helped immensely!! 

My wife almost banned me from having peppers in the house.. :mope:

 I feel like such a n00b!  :high: 

1lb mix - Help I.D.

17 November 2015 - 03:15 PM

Hey everyone! 

I recently ordered a fun 1lb mix of peppers online, and I'm trying to figure out what they are. 

I made a batch of Habanero Pina Hot Sauce yesterday, 


It came out super awesome! Has a fantastic sweet flavor, followed by a nice mild heat.


and today I'm going to go for my first ferment following this recipe:


However I only have a 32oz jar, so I will be halving this recipe:


  • "1 pound red ripe jalas or fresnos or hungarian finger hots (this batch done w jalapenos) - stemmed
  • 8 ounces habaneros - stemmed
  • 1 pound carrots - trimmed
  • 1 pound onions - quartered
  • 6 ounces of garlic cloves - skinned
  • 40 grams of canning or pickling salt (my scale does both grams and ounces.  40 grams = 1.41 ounces)"



I have a 2oz bag of carolina reapers, a 2oz bag of red fatalii, and this big 1lb mix of peppers (which I can only really guess what they are)

Can anybody help me ID these peppers and maybe give a good suggestion as to what peppers I should add into my mix? 



Here is a link to my photobucket album with a few closeups:


Thanks for your input and help!!