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SB7J sauce ideas

07 January 2019 - 01:13 PM

Hey all i need to clean out the freezer!

I've got about 8oz of frozen SB7J's that I'd like to make into a sauce that highlights the pepper.

I'd like it to be really hot and taste of SB7J, but I'd like it to be more than just a puree?

Use the whole 8oz of SB7J a good/bad idea?


What are your ideas?



fruit or not?

garlic/onion/shallot? all of it?


what do you think? thanks for your time

Looking for a BWB safe spicy V8 recipe

21 August 2018 - 12:23 PM

anyone have any tried and true recipes for a spicy V8 that is safe to can in a BWB.

I have a bunch of tomatoes that are nearly bursting from all our recent rain and canning some V8 might be a great way to salvage them.

NewMexican Chiles in the Midwest

02 August 2018 - 03:14 PM

So I've found frozen Aji Amarillos and Larger Red rocoto so I'm thinking I may be able to continue to cook my peruvian faves without growing those...leaving me with a few open buckets.


One thing I can't seem to find locally is NewMex Chiles, and Dale's NewMexian Flog has me craving the southwest.

Does anyone have any experience to share about growing NewMexican Chiles in the midwest?

Looking for best yields and taste/heat and how they handle our shorter growing season. Good varieties to eat green or red?



Eric I'm looking at you...you always post that awesome picture of your basket full of big green chiles. what kind do you grow?



or maybe I should just buy a box and have them shipped 


ps i've got some big jim winner seeds, and some heritage and such, i'll check my supply

just starting to plan out 2019 :cheers:




13 June 2018 - 10:04 AM

Found what I think is serviceberry right beside the patio we each lunch on at work.

the berries don't seem to darken to purple/blue (birds might eat them too fast)

But some were definitely a darkening red. a few little seeds inside.

I tried one and didn't die, cramps, vomit, etc.

can't for the life of me remember if it has the flowers and fall foliage. I eat next to it all the time.

any specific way to ID?




New Year, New THP?

27 December 2017 - 11:29 AM

Just wondering if there was an ETA for the site updates?