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Should I test my skills?

18 June 2019 - 09:21 PM

There's a local restaurant throwing a BBQ Comp for charity to support Healing House, it's about 6 miles from me and I really want to see where I end up in a comp. I know my food is better than any bbq joint around but I'm not sure I can cook real bbq brisket. Each pitmaster has to cook 15 lbs of meat to be sold, that alone will be a challenge to turn out 45 lbs of 3 meats at the same time. Turn in is at 11:00 for everything. Crazy right?


The 3 meats are ribs, chicken and brisket. 


Here's the problem, People here cook brisket like a pot roast stuffed with onions, garlic, peppers and celery. They brown it a little on the fire then into a covered pan with a broth till tender. I'll be cooking a Texas style brisket. I want all the smoke and make people say DAMN!!


It's cheap enough to play, I should be able to cook all the meats and entry fees for $200-250.


The prizes are crap unless you win Grand Champion and hit at least 1 1st place but this is for charity so I don't mind not getting all my money back for the chance to see where I rank.


Here's the prizes"

Our BBQ Cook-Off prizes are as follows:

The Grand Champion will receive a Trager Pellet Grill, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a $200 CASH prize. This prize is valued at $750. Thank you to Advanced Signs & Graphics for helping sponsor it.

The Judges choice for Best BBQ Chicken will receive a Seasoning gift basket, 15" by 10" medium oval roaster, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a $50 Nunu's gift card. The prize value for all of our judges choice awards are valued at $200. Thank you to PSC Supply & Hardware, NuNu's Fresh Market and Guidry's Hardware for helping sponsor our amazing prizes.

The judges choice for Best BBQ Brisket will receive a 14" Old Smokey, 25-quart igloo Ice Chest, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a 3 month unlimited car spa package. Thank you to Classic Auto Spa for helping sponsor these amazing prizes.

The judges choice for Best BBQ Ribs will receive a 1-night stay at Rip Van Winkle Gardens, movie passes to Celebrity Theater, $50 Fezzo's gift certificate and a $25 Walk On's gift card. Thank you to Rip Van Winkle Gardens and Celebrity Theaters Broussard 10 for helping sponsor our prizes!

Here's the sign up sheet with rules. https://digitalmarke...raiton_Form.pdf



Give me you thoughts, ideas, call me crazy or just tell me to go it.


I got what you need!!

14 June 2019 - 11:17 PM


It's fast food Cajun style to eat any time. Here's a vid of the process and history of it. I love they give so much attention to my home town of Scott, The Boudin Capital of the World.
Watch the vid and tell me you don't need this in your life! :cheers:
I made a seasoning mix, here's the amounts
All are TBS unless noted
2 salt
1 black pepper
1 white pepper
1 garlic
1 onion
2 parsley
2 cayenne
1 TSP celery
1 TSP mustard
other stuff
Pork cut into pieces and seasoned
those onions, green onions bottoms, just the white parts, 3 celery stalks and 1.5 of the bell peppers.
Brown the meat to get a good color for the gravy
blend the chicken liver
Add the veggies and start on the gravy
Add 1/3 cup of the seasoning mix and add the meat again to simmer and blend in the veggie flavors, probably 15 minutes
Remove the meat and add the liver, cook for about 10 minutes
Add the meat and water to the top of the meat, bring to a boil and then simmer till it's fork tender.
Sorry I didn't get pics of the whole grinding/mixing process.
Remove the meat when it's tender, let it cool enough to handle then use the biggest grinding plate you have and grind the meat. I mixed 5 cups of cooked rice with the meat, broth from the pot and green onions. You have to judge the broth, it needs to be a little soupy because the rice will absorb the gravy once it sits a while. This is when you taste and add more seasoning, I added another 2 TBS of cayenne and 1 TBS of the seasoning I mixed. Then it's time to stuff the Boudin. Here's one batch before boiling it to cook the casing.
Finished product, this is what you'll get in almost any country store here.
That was a long process to do alone but the reward is a quick delicious meal. To warm them I just boil the bags in water and they taste just like the day you made it. You can use it to stuff meat or veggies, make wraps, fried boudin balls or my favorite is smoked.
Here's everything except what me and the dog ate for supper. The ziplock bag will be smoked for fathers day and the rest is on standby.

Wok's Up

09 June 2019 - 09:47 PM

I had to buy one before I killed myself using teflon.


After hours/days of research with mixed reviews I bought the cheap one and love it so far. When I say cheap I mean $16.20 cheap. The downside is it has plastic handles and I don't like the helper handle over the edge of the pan but I'll make it work or grind off the helper handle.


I cleaned it then fired up the crawfish burner and went to seasoning I think 6 times then sacrificed some veggies to season it with flavor. This thing will only get better with mores uses.


Peaches-n-Cream corn war begins

07 May 2019 - 10:29 AM

I planted an 18' x 18' block(235 plants) on March 15 and sidedressed both sides of the rows on April 17th.

Attached File  100_4603.JPG   512.48KB   22 downloads


April 25th they started to perk up

Attached File  100_4626.JPG   409.24KB   23 downloads


I've been too busy to tend to the garden but took a walk today and noticed the war is starting early, I'm guessing a squirrel.

Attached File  100_4657.JPG   511.57KB   22 downloads


I can't believe the rapid growth and they're starting to tassle already.

Attached File  100_4658.JPG   510.02KB   21 downloads

Attached File  100_4662.JPG   482.06KB   21 downloads




Cinco De Mayo

03 May 2019 - 10:40 AM

What's on the menu?


I haven't decided yet but leaning towards Tacos al pastor.