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Get your skull shaped charcoal before it's gone

10 September 2019 - 08:26 PM




Fast Cured Canadian Bacon

24 August 2019 - 10:51 AM

I ate the dogfood, Really. I cooked steaks Thursday and bought a pack of thin sliced pork loin for $3 to cook for the dog but forgot. So here we are.
I started this experiment at 9:30 Friday morning and finished it today, I should've been finished last night but it was late.
I made a dry cure using the following grams carefully measured with a jewelers scale.
meat      1lb                                         453.5grams
Kosher or pickling salt 2.2% 9.977g
cane sugar                 1%         4.535g
Cure #1                         0.25% 1.13375g
I dried off the meat then carefully sprinkled the meat with the cure and vac sealed it for faster curing. It sat in the fridge for 8 hours before I pulled it out. You can see I had to use the paper towel trick to stop the liquid that was already starting to come out of the meat.
I rinsed it off a few times and smoked it for an hour at 150 then bumped up to 200 to get to that 145 temperature.
Out of the smoker, I could already tell it wasn't smoked enough but this is experimental and it was 11PM.
I fried up a test piece. It was too salty for me but it was good. 
I left it in the fridge to finish curing/drying over night, this morning I soaked them in water for 30 minutes to remove some salt and smoked them again just till they dried out.
I had to fry up a test piece and this time it's much better and not as salty.
Lessons learned:
Soak the cured meat for an hour changing out the water every 20 minutes.
Let it rest on the counter till it gets tacky/forms a peticule before smoking.
Next time smoke for 3 hours then let it set in the fridge overnight unwrapped. I know 3 hours seems like a short time but this thin meat absorbs enough smoke flavor for breakfast and not over powering.
Other than that this came out good considering the time it took. Does anyone see something I missed or have suggestions to improve it?

Tony Chacheries original recipe

22 July 2019 - 03:05 PM

He gave it out in a cookbook before he knew it would blow up.

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Cajun catfish and shrimp coubion/courtbouillon

16 July 2019 - 11:17 AM

I survived Hurricane Barry and as soon as the yard dries out enough I'll be picking up all the small limbs that blew out of the trees.

Two days stuck inside drove me crazy so I made a video cooking catfish and shrimp coo-bee-yon.



Should I test my skills?

18 June 2019 - 09:21 PM

There's a local restaurant throwing a BBQ Comp for charity to support Healing House, it's about 6 miles from me and I really want to see where I end up in a comp. I know my food is better than any bbq joint around but I'm not sure I can cook real bbq brisket. Each pitmaster has to cook 15 lbs of meat to be sold, that alone will be a challenge to turn out 45 lbs of 3 meats at the same time. Turn in is at 11:00 for everything. Crazy right?


The 3 meats are ribs, chicken and brisket. 


Here's the problem, People here cook brisket like a pot roast stuffed with onions, garlic, peppers and celery. They brown it a little on the fire then into a covered pan with a broth till tender. I'll be cooking a Texas style brisket. I want all the smoke and make people say DAMN!!


It's cheap enough to play, I should be able to cook all the meats and entry fees for $200-250.


The prizes are crap unless you win Grand Champion and hit at least 1 1st place but this is for charity so I don't mind not getting all my money back for the chance to see where I rank.


Here's the prizes"

Our BBQ Cook-Off prizes are as follows:

The Grand Champion will receive a Trager Pellet Grill, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a $200 CASH prize. This prize is valued at $750. Thank you to Advanced Signs & Graphics for helping sponsor it.

The Judges choice for Best BBQ Chicken will receive a Seasoning gift basket, 15" by 10" medium oval roaster, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a $50 Nunu's gift card. The prize value for all of our judges choice awards are valued at $200. Thank you to PSC Supply & Hardware, NuNu's Fresh Market and Guidry's Hardware for helping sponsor our amazing prizes.

The judges choice for Best BBQ Brisket will receive a 14" Old Smokey, 25-quart igloo Ice Chest, $50 Fezzo's gift card and a 3 month unlimited car spa package. Thank you to Classic Auto Spa for helping sponsor these amazing prizes.

The judges choice for Best BBQ Ribs will receive a 1-night stay at Rip Van Winkle Gardens, movie passes to Celebrity Theater, $50 Fezzo's gift certificate and a $25 Walk On's gift card. Thank you to Rip Van Winkle Gardens and Celebrity Theaters Broussard 10 for helping sponsor our prizes!

Here's the sign up sheet with rules. https://digitalmarke...raiton_Form.pdf



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