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Prepping for football Sundays breakfast

16 September 2017 - 05:42 PM

All I'll need is Vodka, V-8 juice and S&P.


I pickled some Serama(banty) eggs using a little Old Bay seasoning for that crab boil taste.
Old Bay
Mustard seeds
Pickling spice
and a few different types of peppers I had on hand I think it's Ghost, Devils tongue, Habs, Cayenne of Tabasco and some other little red peppers. 


The greenbeans are just a normal pickling spice, mustard seeds, celery seeds and pepper flakes.




Preserving Chili Peppers

14 September 2017 - 01:49 PM

This came from an email from Fillmore Container.


Joel MacCharles & Dana Harrison, authors of Batch, demonstrate how to preserve chili peppers using a variety of preserving methods. Watch this 15 minute video demo and you'll learn how easy it is to make some of the items pictured above including - chili salt, fermented hot sauce, chili oil, infused chili vodka, and more.



https://www.facebook...ipe and a Video

Another cross question

23 August 2017 - 10:00 PM

I grew this from Devils Tongue seeds I got in a seed swap. It was different than the other plants and grew taller with a purple stem so I separated it. It has a Hab smell and taste but is hotter than a normal Hab. I had a Hab junkie friend taste it and he's hooked and wants to grow it.


I think it resembles some Aji types and Pink Tiger. What was crossed to make Devils Tongue?


For a color comparison the last pic is Ghost, Krackin Scorpion, Devils Tongue and the Peach is the crosss/??? pepper.


Edited to add: It starts green then turns purple before going all peach.


German style pig knuckles

18 August 2017 - 09:03 PM

I found this video from watching mark Wiens for ramen food and had to try this. Here's the video that got me drooling.






Ya'll remember that beautiful pig knuckle footage? I hope so....
I went to the slaughter house a day too late. Pig day is on Thursdays and they already processed everything so I ordered some pig knuckles for next week. I bought a roast instead and had them cut it into 5" pieces. It has the skin on one side so I deboned and removed some meat so I could wrap it. I think I should've made crackling. Here's the end result of my fancy sewing job.
That chop stick played a big roll in sewing it up, I used it to push the twine through the skin. 
Who remembers Ronco's Showtime Rotisserie? I've had this thing for at least 15 years and thought it would work great. I used it for the best chickens wings and don't know why I sent it to the storage shed. After a good cleaning and testing it's cooking good.
After 1.5 hours basting in it own fat it's already crispy and making the house smell awesome.
Final update===It's AWESOME. I sliced it up and took pics but before eating it I sliced it thin and scraped off all the heavy fat between the skin and meat. It's a crunchy crackling with great flavor and the meat is tender and juicy. 
I have the other half of that roast marinating stuffed with garlic for tomorrow. 
Look at all that gelatinous juicy pork sitting on a crispy crust begging to be eaten. 
This isn't something I would eat everyday but it's one of Gods greatest gifts. think of it as pork candy.

It sucks to be a good cook!!

19 March 2017 - 09:01 PM

I had to cook instead of getting the garden planted, it's always something here. My niece and her hubby went crabbing and didn't have enough to feed 9 people so we had to add a sack of crawfish, of course we had all the sides too.

The weather was great today and it was a crab stew, boiled crabs and crawfish. This is how the poor people eat here.