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Got Nutz!!

Today, 11:20 AM

I got'em everywhere.


The Pecan trees are raining pecans. All 11 trees are littered with so many pecans you can't walk under them without stepping on one. I barely picked from the two trees near the house and filled two crawfish sacks already.



Red Habanero questions

11 October 2018 - 04:43 PM

My Aunt stopped by to bring me a few peppers she's growing to save seeds. She loves Habaneros and grows them every year, her favorite is the red. She found a red Hab at a local nursery in the Spring but I'm not sure it's a Hab. She bought plants from a few different places and ended up with  longer peppers that are a mystery but supposed to be a Hab too. What about the others, they kinda look like a Hab. 


What's the story with Habs? It seems there's so many different shapes, they can't be all true. All they all inbred/crossed or what?


No flash pic

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Citrus from seeds

10 October 2018 - 01:34 PM

Last December I was visiting a friend and he had a grapefruit tree that had some of the best fruit I've tasted so I thought I'd start a few seeds.

I peeled the seedcoat off and put them on a damp paper towel in a ziplock bag. It took 9 days to germinate. I transplanted them into a community pot to grow. 5 of 7 seeds sprouted and I'm waiting on the other 2 to see if they grow.


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4 of 5 popped up and one had 3 plants growing from it. I've researched and usually when you get 2 plants from 1 seed, the biggest plant will be more like the mother plant the seeds came from. I didn't see anything about 3 popping up so it's a wait and see thing.

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Then I started lemon seeds from the store

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I left them under the trees all year and they're growing. Not all made it but I have 1 lemon and 4 grapefruit.

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The grapefruit is growing thicker trunks than the lemon

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I need to pot these up and separate the seed that threw 3 sprouts.

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Help out the rookie sauce maker

05 October 2018 - 05:45 PM

I played around and made a sauce using persimmons. It's not bad but it seems like it's missing something savory. The pepper flavor is stronger than anything else. The persimmons don't hold flavor well mixed with other things. Will the sauce be better once it melds together? I didn't cook it, just fresh mixed and doing taste test then adding more junk.


6 persimmons, all pulp fully ripe

I roasted the peppers, onions and garlic

5 garlic cloves

3/4 of a small onion

7 Pot Primo, Fatali & Habs

rice wine vinegar=it's all I had in the house

brown sugar

turbinato sugar

lemon juice

orange juice



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Lets see some fruits!!

04 October 2018 - 04:45 PM

I looked for a fruit photo thread and didn't see one so here we go. Post pics of your locally grown fruits. I'd like to see pics from everywhere, especially exotic fruits from around the world.
I walked around and snapped a few pics of the fruit trees today.
Japanese Plum/Loquat is in full bloom, it should be a great year.
I call this the Charlie Brown orange tree, it's about 7" tall but puts on so much fruit the branches sag.
Kumquats starting to change color
This has been a good year for Persimmons
The other orange tree is lagging behind.
This was a small round Kumquat tree I planted 2 years ago but the freeze last year killed it or I thought. I think this is the root stock growing and it's making fruit. You can see a Kumquat to the left of the flower hiding behind the leaves. I'll have to do a taste test to check the flavor, if it taste bad then I'll graft a blood orange branch on it.