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In Topic: Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

Today, 07:25 PM

PS-- thanks for the prompt response and advice, everyone!

In Topic: Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

Today, 07:18 PM

     You're fine. 40s and low 50s are bad for long periods because growth will slow down a lot, but if it's warming up during the day they'll be fine.

     Just don't plant out while it's still getting that cool at night. Prolonged slow growth can lead to disease.


Yeah, it´s gonna be mid/high 60s tomorrow.  I´m tying to get these plants as much time in the sun as i can; i am thinking if i leave them out overnight, when i check them at noonish, i´ll just leave them out longer if they´re not showing signs of stress. 


According t the danged weather.com site, itś only gonna be under 50F for 2 hours (6-7a) so I think i´ll roll the dice.

In Topic: Hybrids

Today, 02:51 PM

If you're looking for an example of a ghost and hab then look no further than the Carolina reaper. The original cross was ghost pepper and red habanero, then selectively bred to what we know it as today.


In Topic: Hybrids

Today, 12:36 PM

In theory, if you´re trying to stabilize a strain that you got from a cross, the ¨inbreeding¨ is entirely necessary.

In Topic: Smoked hot paprika

13 April 2018 - 11:07 AM

Smoked chiles are not the same as chipotle. 


Please read the original post more carefully.

I had great success last year smoking jalapeno peppers using dozy/punky maple To make chipotle .....

So, to review... Captaincicum has already tackled the task of smoking Jalapeños to make Chipotles.  (The use of maple might be a departure from the more traditional pecan or applewood, but thank goodness this world is not as limited and narrow as one THP member´s preferences.)  Th next project Captaincicum wishes to tackle is hot smoked parika, and s/he is seeking suggestions as to what varieties might be a good and accessible choice to grow.

Iḿ following this thread, as I am curious, too.