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In Topic: Must have peppers of 2019

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

I just reviewed this whole thread, just to see what was mentioned that happens to be on my list this year. It's funny; I think I kinda eschew trends in favor of growing classics or searching for experience/knowledge about shit I haven't tried yet. Which is funny, B/c alot of classics have been mentioned on this thread. ..

So, yeah, I'm growing the following that have been mentioned above:
-Yella Fataliis (for the third year in a row)
-Bahama Goat (tried and failed to grow them last year)
-Zapotec Jalapeños (I grew these last year, and i've been raving about them nonstop since...)
-Chocolate Primos (new to me this year; not even sure where I got them and decided to grow them on a whim)
-JPGS x Primo (I was ordering from WHP and saw these. . . this is normally the kind of thing I'd have no interest in growing, but the pics on Justin's site looked so violently evil, I just kinda acted on impulse...)

I kinda feel like, if i'm going to add to the thread, I'll say 7Pot Cinder. These were probably more fashionable in 2018, but I grew them last year and they were good. Looking forward to growing them again.

In Topic: white ghost pepper

Yesterday, 07:00 PM


In Topic: Must have peppers of 2019

13 February 2019 - 08:37 AM

I will probably keep calling them what everyone else calls them

Yeah, common usage seems to trump all other considerations with these things.

In Topic: Anyone shop at the urban farmer??

08 February 2019 - 09:39 PM

Yeah, they are claiming 3 million SHU and using a picture associated with Ed Currie's pepper. So it seems like they are strongly implying that this is the Pepper X. And since Ed has still not released any seeds for his pepper, I would be highly dubious of any other vendors that are selling seeds for it. It gives me the impression that they are just trying to use the publicity for Pepper X to make a quick buck selling fake seeds to folks who don't know any better. :(  I think that you are right to be leery of these guys. Stick with the reputable seed vendors.
On further inspection, I noticed that the layout of their website reminded me of Park Seed's site. Sure enough, Urban Farmer lifted a lot of their photos and content from Park Seed. Like this one, where they just cut off the "Exclusive" tag and recycled the photo: 
This all seems pretty sketchy to me. I would steer clear of these guys.

+1. A lot of red flags coming from that vendor, if you ask me.

Maybe they got seeds from Ted Barrus? Though the video I saw where he was sent a few pods looked like Gator Jigsaw.

Yeah, I saw that video. AFAIK, those were some other pods. Might've been the games that Duffy was distributing as some sort of gag around that same time? I don't recall the details, but it was discussed here on THP shortly after Ted put that video out. If you search on this sub-forum, you'll find a thread or two.

In Topic: Pepper X

07 February 2019 - 10:42 PM

Have you considered that this sauce, which is purported to be made from a chile that no one has ever seen, that was supposed to secure a record it has never yet earned, that has been the subject of lore for a while yet there are no seeds available-- have you considered it might be made from some other chile?

Maybe a few different chiles, as the color did change dramatically at one point?

Just a thought.

After all, I was SHOCKED to find out that Jack Link didn't even make this jerky from real Yeti meat.