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In Topic: TheGreenChileMonster 2018

14 August 2018 - 05:26 PM

Hey Dale, tell me more about the Aji Arnaucho you sent me. For a month it had 2 pods on it, then two weeks ago a third one, this morning it's just bursting with blossoms and pods. I'm reading some conflicting data (ok, more like confounding), thought maybe you could straighten me out.


It's one of only two chinense I have growing this year, would like to know more about the little boogers....Like what's ripe with these guys...

In Topic: 2018 - The Farm

14 August 2018 - 12:29 PM

Sweet corn price fluctuates wildly here, especially the local stuff, which is just starting to come in heavy. Right now I see a lot of it @ $6/dozen, but I wouldn't pay or charge that unless it was worm free and picked same day.


It goes as low as $2.50/dozen for ratsass stuff grown next to the field corn, which around here you really have to pay attention to planting schedules to get a more isolated pollination.


I planted mine way late this year, it's just now tasseling, I think I'm good for the purist strain I've ever grown! Heck, even the wheat is already cut up here...



In Topic: SKULLBIKERíS Letís See How It Goes in 2018 GLOG

14 August 2018 - 10:45 AM

Nice. That you're in MN is encouraging. This time of year I'm usually developing my sense of frost panic, esp. for peppers & the larger toms. You appear to have it under control.



In Topic: Stetto-grow 2018: Takin' another run at it.

14 August 2018 - 10:36 AM

I grew the plant this season. It did well but had pest issues here. We loved the peppers but being so close to a bell, we have to stick with what works.


I'm betting further up North it does really well. I can't even begin to guess why some plants get destroyed down here and others are not bothered at all.


As for that queer plant, I would most definitely save the seeds, along with its more normal brethren, and see what happens next year..


Yeah Scott, they just started taking off (along with many others) just very recently. Frank wasn't kidding with the long and squat phenotypes, The longs look like giant Antakes, the squat like gnarly Bells. Still fair small, only a couple inches wide/long at best so far.


I'm reading so many ripening posts in so many glogs, even you Zone 4 guys are bringin' them in. I won't see any ripe peppers of any number till at least mid-September, and I will be bringing what I can into the Darlin' Bride's domain to at least finish off.


On a zone 3 bright note, we have a winner for the First to Ripen Award. I went on a four day fishing trip and came back to these:





Yep, a tie. Both the Jimmy Nardello and Paprika plants have begun the process. These earlier specimens will donate seed for next season, hopefully passing the shorter season on to progeny (pipe dream? Who knows....).

In Topic: Stetto-grow 2018: Takin' another run at it.

09 August 2018 - 10:59 AM

I wanted to grow that one too but didn't wanna harass frank for them.

Is it an annumm?

Yea Andy, anuum, and I have a feeling harassing Frank will be worth it! When I asked him, Every seed outlet I went to were out of them. If I play my cards right I won't have to harass Frank again!