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Today, 07:23 PM

I wanted to create a uniquely Amazonian sauce with some of these aji charapita pods. In the Amazon region of Peru, a fruit called cocona is typically used in conjunction with aji charapita pods for sauce.

Since cocona fruit is essentially impossible to get locally, I subbed it for naranjilla, which has a similar flavor as cocona. I also used some passion fruit pulp, to enhance that exotic aroma and flavor, plus to contribute a touch of sweetness.

This sauce came out seriously amazing! The flavor is uniquely exotic and spicy.

Wow! That sounds like a really nice, exotic sauce. I envy your creativity on that front. It looks like it came out really good!

In Topic: What are you adding to next years grow?

Today, 01:11 AM

Since I've been inspired/reminded by recent posts, next year I only want to grow a few superhot varieties: maybe a ghost, reaper for sure, and maybe dragon's breath. A couple BBGs probably as well.
But I really want to focus on milds and bonnets next year. I've never had a bonnet, but I love habs and hearing descriptions have really made me want to grow a few different varieties next year. Which ones probably depends on what seeds are less expensive. Though, hopefully, my p. Dreadie plant should produce a couple pods at least for seed and to try a bonnet for the first time.

Oh and also a couple of varieties I picked up during and coming back from a vacation to the Bahamas. I have: Bahamian "finger pepper", red and orange "monkey's nipple" (actually ID'd this looking at fataliiseeds. Can't remember the more professional name for it), and what the woman at the farmer's market had called "bird pepper". It was a 6ft tall 4ft wide bush packed with purplish foliage and bright red pequin-looking pods.

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Today, 01:01 AM

I'm really thinking it's probably just a cross, but I'd definitely suspect strong lights before nutes. To my knowledge, nutrients usually don't cause purple discoloration on leaves. A little suntan may, but it seems localized to one plant and encompassing entire leaves. It's hard to tell for sure what you've got until it pods up, but they definitely look like healthy enough plants so I doubt you'll be too disappointed regardless.

In Topic: What are you adding to next years grow?

Yesterday, 06:09 PM

Thanks. It says I cant open that site. Hmmmm

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https://www.semillas.de what about this?

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11 August 2018 - 01:07 PM

You can probably put it in a glass of water in a window sill and have some of them ripen. Also may send out roots after the pods are off.