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Yesterday, 04:22 PM

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Holy shit, this is good, TGCM!!!
Aslin Gose w/ Blackberries & Apricots

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Yesterday, 04:07 PM

No glass? Even now that you've got somewhere to wash it and hang it up?! :shocked:


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Yesterday, 03:54 PM

I totally agree with you RM.   I've been gone from the forum a while....but I still check in on the "Fermenting 101" posts periodically.
 It warms the heart to see how the fermenting recipes have evolved and overall interest grown since this thread began. (that's a lot of hot sauce!)
A heartfelt tip of the hat to you old friend.

RocketMan AND Chili Monsta are back?! :party:
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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Yesterday, 03:52 PM

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Yesterday, 10:28 AM

Do you have any thoughts on whether a lower, slower ferment creates "better" (or different) flavors in your sauces?

No, sorry. Never even thought about it, honestly. One thing I will say though, is that I'd definitely START the ferment at a "proper" temp (75*ish) to get the process going ASAP. Ensure that all of the oxygen is pushed out of the jar before you start experimenting with letting the temp drop. Purposely starting a ferment at a low temp seems risky to me. Seems like you'd be gambling that yeast/mold wouldn't show up. Especially if you're doing a "Wild" ferment (collecting LAB from the air). Then, I'd definitely make sure it was started at a "good" temp.

Then again, I could be totally wrong ;)
I've been wrong before, haha