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Mystery Pepper - Multiple Blooms per Node

04 August 2018 - 03:29 PM

I'm growing out some mystery pepper seedlings I received.


They were thought to be some kind of Jalapeño, but the original grower had lost track of exactly where these seed came from.


I'm a sucker for mystery peppers, so I couldn't resist asking for some of these.


I got a late start on these seedling so they're just now putting out blooms.


Does it mean anything when you get two to three blooms per node?


I've run across a few posts on THP that suggest this can be important in generally identifying the pepper, but I can't recall the details.


Here's a picture.  Every node I could see had several blooms.



Stressed Out Jalapeņo

12 July 2018 - 05:12 PM

My neighbor has given up on her garden for the summer. That's not unusual here, she's looking at the Fall garden rather than maintaining her Spring garden.


She asked if I wanted to adopt her Jalapeño.




Why not?


It'll be interesting to see if it bounces back from this.

First Cross!

04 July 2018 - 05:13 PM

I haven't been growing peppers many years, so I'm excited to have my first crossed pepper (albeit accidentally crossed).


The mother is Jamaican Yellow Mushroom and I think the father is a Banana Pepper, but I'm not 100% sure.  Pollination was self-supervised, and on the honor system.


The mother plant has peppers that looks like this:




However, the peppers that are growing out look like this:





I like the peppers I'm getting at the F1 stage.  But, from what I understand, I'll never see these exact peppers grow out again.


It has the heat of the Jamaican Yellow Mushroom, but seems to have picked up alittle of that Banana pepper flavor also.  I don't have any ripe ones yet, so I'm not sure what the mature color, flavor, and heat level will be like.


I'm told heat is a dominant gene, so some of the subsequent generations may be at the heatless Banana pepper level even though the F1 carries the heat of the mother pepper.


For now, my working name for the pepper is "Junk Yard Mutt" (Jamaican Yellow Mushroom ==> JYM ==> Junk Yard Mutt).


Long term, maybe Jamanana (especially if I isolate a heatless version).  That'll be a ways down the road though.


I haven't been working at developing any skills at isolating my seeds (obviously), so this will give me the chance to try some isolation techniques.

Cut Worms! Arghhhh!

23 April 2018 - 02:46 PM

A cut worm claimed one of my seedlings.  :tear:




This is the first time I've run into cut worms that I can remember.


Since the damage was done, I started rooting around the area with my trowel, and found this guy...




Let's just say it's now an EX cut worm


Up until now, I hadn't found the need to buy diatomaceous earth.  But it's on my shopping list now.


Satsuma from Seeds

05 April 2018 - 12:18 PM

I know you don't typically grow citrus trees from seed.  Most are grafted onto a root stock for another plant.


But I can't resist trying.  :)




I got this seed from some Satsuma's growing on a friend's Owari Satsuma tree.  Out of about eight Satsuma's, I only found two seeds, and this is the only one that's germinated so far.


I've tried this before several years ago with some Clementines from WalMart.  I could get the tree to grow up to about 8-10 feet high after a few years, but the tree never produced any flowers.


I've heard somewhere that most seeds you try to save from commercially produced citrus will either not germinate at all, or grow into a sterile tree.


I'm slightly more optimistic about the Satsuma since it's a niche citrus fruit that was brought over from Japan about 100 years ago, and is typically only found on the Gulf Coast.


The Satsuma tastes a lot like a Tangerine or a Clementine, and can handle a moderate freeze.  Most Satsuma trees will handle a 28 degree freeze just fine without any extra protection, and sometimes even lower.  The Satsuma tree that I got these seeds from is protected from the direct brunt of a strong Northern wind, but otherwise the owner doesn't do anything else to protect the tree, and we've had several nights in the low 20s this year.