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In Topic: Can you help explain this stem narrowing/constriction?

Yesterday, 02:46 AM

I agree with Hogleg, it looks like damping off. Not too surprising if you had the seedling growing in heavy soil with poor drainage as you said. You can try cutting it off above the damaged spot and rooting it like a cutting. I have had occasional success with that. Otherwise I think it is likely a goner.


I've repotted it up to the cotyledons in my usual mix of 1/3 perlite, 1/3 potting mix, 1/3 coco coir, so I'll see how it goes -- as an experiment more than anything I suppose. 



Yes, damping off.

I have done that too many times myself. :P


I'll second that. Mostly I've just noticed it at the root level and lack of plant growth. 

In Topic: Can you help explain this stem narrowing/constriction?

Yesterday, 02:36 AM

Pretty sure it's a type of mold issue. It could because you added the plastic tubing around it, I'm guessing to keep it from flopping over in the wind. However it would seem that the tube provided an area for bacteria to thrive with the increased moisture. 


In the future, you're better off staking them.


The problem can be solved pretty easily by doing a few things. Less frequent waterings, a better draining soil, and more airflow around the young seedlings like a circulating fan or overhead fan. The airflow will also help your plants get stronger stems and not flop over from wind. Your mix looks pretty dense and I don't see any perlite so I'd add that in the future. Also, bring the light a little closer as the seedling looks a tad bit leggy. 


Thanks for that! I really did neglect this plant as it was really only an after thought and didn't have the time/space to really care for it until later... 


Fortunately I'm using perlite/staking/better lighting with my primary plants, but I could probably afford to resist the urge to water as frequently.

In Topic: Overwintered plant, before and after!

18 October 2017 - 10:48 PM

Very glad to see it found its vigour! What is the time between the before and after?

In Topic: When to use initials and who decides - More Naming Convention

18 October 2017 - 08:24 AM

I think the PL-B notation is a stretch. Isn't it just more appropriate to refer to it as the creator intended (i.e. brown bhutlah)? Unfortunately naming isn't easy, and even when there is a central body, new names or conventions are slow to be adopted. In medicine there's heaps of this, and it's always a conflict between the arguably easier to say eponymous name, or more descriptive, newer name. Ultimately you end up just having to learn both names so it really doesn't make things simpler. I wish I could offer an alternative, but I don't really have any immediate suggestions. It's got me thinking though. 

In Topic: Pepper X (not the) Naming Convention

17 October 2017 - 07:35 AM

I'm not familiar with the "not" naming. Is it the same as the X notation, or is there some subtle difference? 


Would "Not a Chocolate Bhut Jolokia" be the same as "Chocolate Bhut Jolokia X".