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In Topic: Make your best taco.

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Taco pizza?

It got a little out of hand pouring Warrant Man's homicide on there, but it was actually perfect.

Had some Masa sitting in the fridge.

Salsa sauce, mixed shredded cheese, mushrooms, ground beef, avocado, and anchovies.attachicon.gif _20181116_014527.JPG
attachicon.gif _20181116_014625.JPG
attachicon.gif _20181116_014657.JPG


Anchovies! Ha. Man that rocks! Icing on the cake....  :cheers:

In Topic: Straight out of the can/bottle

08 November 2018 - 10:56 PM


I think he just insulted us all, but I'm not smart enough to tell :rofl:


Insult? No sir, not at all. Not my forte’ or MO.


 An actual event that may not mean anything to some, but it did and does mean a great deal to me.


Three weeks ago, I did a sales event downtown Charleston. Many tourists think that my “branding” is a gimmick and I work for some “company” while not realizing that it is “my stuff” that “I” make it and the “branding” is a vocational reality.


This guy walks up with a lady and a kid pushing a stroller. His face lights up, he tells the woman “this is the guy who arrested me, the ‘warrant man!” He goes on to recount some story I’d long since forgot, shook my hand and gave me a hug. Much to the delight of the on-lookers. Went on like we were old friends, tried my stuff and was proud to tell me he had “changed his ways” and actually “thanked” me for being so nice. I gave him some stuff “on the house.” I couldn’t have paid for better advertisement, folks lined up and spent some money…





I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely. There are many who offer much of value. I kid around, poke a bit sometimes, but never will I intentionally insult anyone. This place is my solace, I’ve too much drama in my everyday dealings to import it here…


That being said, future posts are 8 beer limit. Maybe 5 or 6 if I try and hang again with the "Crafty" dudes...



In Topic: Straight out of the can/bottle

08 November 2018 - 07:52 AM

Reckon you gotta know your audience. This happens to me on occasion.


Me  - "Sir, exit the premise immediately or face incarceration."


Dude - "Uh, what?"


Me - "Get the fu*k outta here or go to jail."


Dude - "Ok, why didn't you say so?"


Me - "ughh.."


Sometimes diamonds, sometimes coal and well... I guess..... Silly-Putty too...  :D




In Topic: Straight out of the can/bottle

08 November 2018 - 12:49 AM

It appears I’ve some “explaining” to do lest everyone think I’m nuts. I’m not, been tested (not fictionally as the sit com science dude) but “really” many times.

I enjoy the antics here and my participation in the threads. To me, it is a vital part of this unique gathering of individuals from around the world. Like you reading now, some I find interesting, some helpful, some humorous , some off-putting and a few..  well a bit creepy.. Such as it is.


Often my posts are double entendres. Some catch it, some don’t. Again, part of the cool tapestry here. Doesn’t make me better or smarter, just a piece of the puzzle.

In this thread there has been a bit of it all. Humor, intellect, pokes, prods and some oddness too! Entertainment, mental challenges, product awareness and dare I add, a bit of history as well.


My last few posts I did so not to bewilder, quite the contrary. But to provoke thought. Perhaps I missed my point, lest the “explaining.”

I made a “campy” point to say that “many oysters” needed to be opened to find some pearls..


GIP posted a clip from a 1970s movie that created such as Saturday Night Live, the Canadian counterpart SCTV and Cheech and Chong. Indeed Chevy Chase’s first film role was here.


So the odd clip I posted of someone breaking open a shellfish to find “pearls” wasn’t a nutjob posting a random vid, but a meager attempt to show an allegory to what I believe to be “pearls” here offered by all.


I still might be “crazy” but tests confirm I am not.  ;)


In Topic: Straight out of the can/bottle

07 November 2018 - 11:15 PM

Thought the poetry was cool, but apparently the allegory failed....