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In Topic: Legal question

17 June 2019 - 08:58 AM

Wow. This is intriguing.

I actually have a large pepper plant growing on my front porch, wouldn’t even think to move it for fear of a lawsuit.  Are you kidding? Really? A perfectly legal thing (growing food) a practice done throughout the ages, now impacted because someone who has no right to it may experience discomfort?  I’m not buying into that at all.  Different if it were somehow “lethal” and folks could die. Great discomfort, well then it’s a self-correcting problem.


Sure, you can hire an attorney to try and sue anybody for anything. They will happily take your money as long as you pay – win or lose.


Extrapolate the scenario onto peanut farmers. We certainly all know about the “nut allergy” phenomenon. Seems as though I hear about it every day, or see the signs, menus etc..  So precisely what do you think would be the requirements under this line of reasoning concerning lawsuits? Fence in the entire area? Place warning placards on all the tractors and equipment? What if some kid climbs the fence and gets inside and eats the peanuts? How tall should the fence be? Maybe he couldn’t read the signs due to age, illiteracy or perhaps not the language the signs were written in. How many different languages should the signs be? What about birds, rodents etc. who may scatter the nuts outside the “fenced in,” “roped off,” “locked down” hazardous production areas, are the farmers responsible for this as well?  The possibilities and scenarios are endless.  Blah blah blah.


Cower in fear if you choose, as for me,  my "rights" will not be impacted by such absurdities. :violin:    



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16 June 2019 - 08:00 PM

The 7 pots I think would eclipse my palate, but as far as the jalapenos go, I've had them six-ways from Sunday. To date, my favorite is -  stuffed with pimento cheese and a slice of anchovy. 

Awesome!  :cheers:

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16 June 2019 - 07:29 PM

Off the cuff, I'd say no problem at all. You growing a natural food in your yard is not an act of "negligence" for which you could be sued. Peppers are grown around the world for human consumption. You have no legal obligation to "warn" anyone of what you are growing no more than you need label any other plants in your yard. I am certain that there may be many different plants, bushes, flowers that could actually be poisonous if eaten. You've no obligation to research those and label them as such. I've never seen it, nor heard of any legal cases as such.


I will say that my personal legal counsel "advised" me against displaying "superhots" at my sales events on tables where they might be accessible by kids. I think this to be sound advice and would not want "sales" to be interrupted by any such drama. Your "home" is a different story altogether. Your domicile, not a place of business. Have at it. 

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08 June 2019 - 07:46 PM

I played around with a few for years before settling on recipes for commercial purposes. They all have qualities that when used in combination with other ingredients can have great results. I'm a southerner and true to certain uses of vinegars. Particularly, I'm a big fan of paring tomatoes (high acidity) with vinegar as is common with many BBQ sauces. They all achieve a certain "pickling" effect if used in the right quantity and can impart a subtle flavor of difference in reaction to the other ingredients. Just gotta experiment and find out what suits your palate. White vinegar to me is akin to using white paint for a picture, a blank baseline. Other vinegars already have "color" added to begin with in this sense. Some things (or colors) mix better with those vinegars already having a "color" or unique "flavor." 


Not sure I've answered your question but would just say "experiment."