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Tomato Wine

15 January 2018 - 12:37 AM



In your spiced pumpkin wine thread, I made reference to Tomato wine. It sounds bizarre, but it really finishes nicely, not like a V8 as most would assume - but like a curious fruit, sometimes almost like a citrus or kiwi. Here are a few pics of three different batches. I make notes (as can be seen) and I don't really know how others do it (it is a hobby for me and i have just been "winging it" for years.) But, I collect the notes afterwards and if it is particularly good, I try and replicate it later. The batches differ only slightly by the tomato, the yellowish looking ones are just standard run of the mill store type, the darker one has mixed color heirloom types. I have found that the different strains of yeast will produce wildly different finishes. The last pic is one that I will let finish very dry. As the notes indicate, the other two have had quite a bit of sugar added and will be somewhat sweet and high alcohol content when bottled. Never tried it? I suggest to give it a go - usually tomatoes are cheap and plentiful when in season and when done right,  produce a highly drinkable wine!











Crawdads aka Crawfish, Crayfish

09 January 2018 - 09:46 PM

I've got family that live in on the Gulf coast in Mobile, Alabama. On every visit, I always get treated with "crawdads." The locals there have their favorite spots and most I've tried are amazing. I don't think that the food has a long history there, but something that crept across from the bayous of Louisiana. Regardless, they are cooked with various recipes of spicy "crab boil." Certainly not a staple food here in my Palmetto state. Had lunch today with some buds at a better local Chinese buffet. They had crawdads and I indulged on a gluttonous three plates full. They were very good to my surprise but not "great" like the ones I had in Alabama. The spice was heavy Jalapeno as you can see in the pics. I have been told that there is a place locally that has bags of frozen crawdads. All of that to ask this simple question...


Does anyone here have a good recipe they will share? My palette has been activated. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.. - Reggie





Serious Question, didn't know where else to ask it.

06 January 2018 - 03:41 PM

An odd question to pose, but know my heart is in the right place by asking it. Having just emerged as a true business enterprise, I thought that my website could use some “testimonials.” I figured that using friends and family would be disingenuous. So, I opted instead to use serial killers and play with the names on the vocational end (most are dead so no worry from lawsuits.)


I was thinking of adding a page of “real” actual folks and their comments, (I’ve received a few via local customers) but the bulk has occurred here. I respectfully ask permission to quote from this forum to that regard. If it is deemed "ok", I would do so by using only “initials” and no real names, full “handles” or references to this site. The expressions from those here, to me, carry more weight than the “average Joe” in that they are more precise, articulate and sound so much better than simply "great sauce." (Although that's welcomed too)  


I don’t know what the rules are regarding this, but I will not act less express permission be granted. Should the answer be in the negative, no hard feelings. I completely understand.


THP what say you? Forum members what say you?


Thanks for your time.

Snowbound experiment

05 January 2018 - 12:21 AM

My first "food post." Hope I'm in the right place.


Never thought I would ever use the word "snowbound." Yet here finds me in North Charleston, S.C. a city deadlocked from a freak snowstorm (we can deal with hurricanes but snow, not so much.) Looking in the pantry/fridge for something to eat, I found a couple packs of Portabella mushrooms with "four cheeses" that I purchased on a whim a few days ago. Having had some delightful Lagunitas "12th of Never" ale, my palette sought something a bit salty and spicy. So a new creation was born, Witness, poartabella four cheese mushrooms with anchovies and wonderful locally made hot sauce.. Killer. I post it here in hopes I find it later and try it again. Haven't a clue any clever name to call it. Maybe just what it is?



Public Debut - Warrant Man Pepper Co

17 December 2017 - 10:10 PM

My first ever videos. The unveiling of my products to the world... Iv'e jumped in with both feet...