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In Topic: Large Scale Fermentation Gear & Mash vs Chopped

11 February 2019 - 11:26 PM

while brewing may be illegal and hard to get equipment for, fermenting equipment should be very easy to get supplies for.  What about some fermenting crocks with the water moat or some of the new tubs with the lids that press down?

 this one is 2 gallons-



Pottery crock-




I definitely would not go with a narrow mouth carboy.  PITA to get stuff in, out and cleaned.

good luck,



PS- I have a 6 gallon plastic bubbler with the blue lid and airlock.  also the lifting harness because, well, it's heavy and I'm inherently lazy~  ;)...been pretty happy with it.




Thank you for that info salsalady!  I am lazy as well. :)  The fermenters you linked might be available here but my initial search is turning up nothing yet.


In looking at the kimchi tank and the German style fermenter, how important is it to be able to look at a chili ferment to check it's progress?  I assume the plastic containers you use are opaque?  Presently I can check for mold etc easily through the glass of my lock lid bottles, which are inadequate for fermenting in the long run as they let air in.  I'm leaning towards the widemouth at this point.  https://www.thaibrew...ment/Fermenting


There are a few online stores that carry brew supplies here but not the range of stores you will have in the US.  The widemouth and narrow mouth carboy are available here.  The widemouth is around $55 US for the 3.5 gallon.  


Thai people do ferment things like fish (play ra, very stinky) and sausages (nam)  but I'm not sure if they make containers to do it.  We have Japanese groceries here but not Korean.  I will have to get the Thai spelling of "fermentation jars" as I'm getting nothing in my searches, although plenty of recipes. :)

In Topic: Large Scale Fermentation Gear & Mash vs Chopped

11 February 2019 - 08:58 AM

I would prefer to use something like that as well. :)  


2 issues that I know of with those is they are easily broken, (people complaining of thin glass)  and with some the lids don't form an airtight seal.

 <-- this guy seems to have figured out how to fix it via the manufacturers of the Big Mouth Bubbler lids which aren't the easiest thing for me to obtain from here.


https://www.northern...lid-single-port  Reading reviews on their site people don't seem all that enthused (as the guy in the video) in the brewing community. 


In Topic: Fermentation period ?

11 February 2019 - 08:46 AM

lol ok.  i thot there was some processing issue such as mold that made a blended mash disadvantageous. :)


I meant having a hard time keeping myself from processing it!


In Topic: Fermentation period ?

11 February 2019 - 05:46 AM

I do 30 days of fermentation for all my sauces.  I need fast turnaround so longer ferments won't work so well.  Perhaps when I get more fermenting bottles I can try longer.

In Topic: Fermentation period ?

11 February 2019 - 05:30 AM


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