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In Topic: Year of the Ghost 2019

14 February 2019 - 08:15 PM

I was looking on Amazon after you posted that...not sure my wife would appreciate me buying that right now but something to consider, though  I may try and find some cheaper options as well too. It was $59CDN so around $44US for that particular bag.

In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

14 February 2019 - 07:57 PM

I like the cartons! Maybe put some holes on the sides so they can dry out faster if you notice the bottoms staying wet. Just a thought I had when I saw them. Maybe just on the bottom half so they dry more evenly?


That's a great idea actually....I had also thought aboot adding some holes for abit of air prune effect as well I didn't even take the drying process into consideration.


Good call on that for sure.

In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

14 February 2019 - 07:11 PM

Winit shipping is usually about 5 weeks for me. Their tracking is useless in the US. It ends once the package reaches the POE. USPS China Post is much quicker. I just got one that came in 10 days. SpeedPAK only takes about two weeks.


I like the milk carton containers. They pack tight, give good depth and the plants can't root tangle if left for a few months til plant out. The bagged plants would all grow together into a big lump without separation.


I can send you a quarter inch of bags as an Int'l letter in the unmarked envelope containing the Valentine  my wife gave me this morning. That will be cheap and at least you'd get to see the bags if you're not familiar with them.


Ok well I wil sit tight for a week or so and see if anything does show up...the seller replied this morning to me.....



"Thanks for your msg.
I am so sorry to hear that and so sorry for all the troubles.
I promise I really have posted your order out when I received your payment.
Maybe it has some delays on the way.
As you know sometimes it just happened.
I know you are a nice person and will understand me.
To protect your profit, I’d like to use a faster and safer shipping way to resend your order all at my cost.
Will that be Ok for you?
Or what else I can do for you?
Waiting for your reply and wish you a nice day!
Best regards
Your sincerely, Customer Service Dept"


So I said sure if they want to resend the bags with a faster shipping service that would be great, but I also added I would like a tracking # or once the 28th comes around which is when I can put in a case with Ebay I will file.

In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

14 February 2019 - 07:08 PM

Thats the same containers I usually put my tomatoes in for starting. I cut the bottom corners off for them to drain or bottom feed.


I used to use the @l cartons for all of my tomato starts but we don't really buy it that way now mostly just in jugs, but I really did like them and they worked really well.


i did jam a bunch of holes in the bottom via the drill quickly before I started to fill them...they seem to drain pretty decent. I am a tad concerned about them sitting in water for bottom feeding though, not as confident they will not fall apart on me. They held together for you decent though?

In Topic: Ethansm - 2019 GLOG

14 February 2019 - 12:16 AM

Was wondering how you were making out....I went and got some Pobalnos after reading your first post and plan on keeping around 4-5 as well. Hope ya have better luck germing the next set Ethan.