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In Topic: 7-Pot Peach outgrew my AeroGarden Bounty

Today, 08:28 AM

I found the limit on my AeroGarden Bounty. The trunk on the 7-Pot Peach grew large enough to block the nutrient flow, causing it to run over the deck and onto the table. It only 254 days from seed, lol.



That made me sad at the end taking the pruner to that plant....poor poor thing you monster you!! J/K was a great looking plant though peter and as always enjoy your youtube content keep it up good sir. :dance: :dance: :dance:

In Topic: Fabric Pots/Grow Bags

Today, 08:21 AM

30gal, well if you dont intend to move it lol I would put three in their, depending on the type of pepper and the bush it produces.


Ok great thanks dragon...I do  have some older ply wood I could probably run the hose on it to make it slick and just slide it across from sheet to sheet if I did have to move it. Wet and dirty ply wood is great for moving stuff around iin my experience.


I think I will also whip up some frames a couple 18''x18'' and a few 24''x24'' as well and use the weed fabric and see how they do. I will prollly have to add a solid bottom like some thin chip board or ply wood and drill holes for drainaage as I dont think the fabric would hold the wait of the soil if it had to be moved at all which really isn't a problem.


Has anyone ever tried to use Burlap bags as grow bags at all?? When I was googling around I came across a couple sites where people had used them...I can't imagine they would last incredibly long so they would have to be obtained cheap enough to make it worth while I would think eh?

In Topic: Fabric Pots/Grow Bags

Today, 08:13 AM

So what would the optimum soil ratio be?


I think I am gonna try a few different mixes as for myself.....Maybe go abit heavier on the compost side of it since it sounds like drainage might not as big of an issue as it would with a non fabric type pot. I will play around more with the plants that I have more seeds of and go with the tried and true methods for my limited stuff.

In Topic: Fabric Pots/Grow Bags

Today, 08:10 AM


Well shoot, if you guys had good shipping we'd all move up there. Figure it's a plot of your government to minimize US migration.


That made me laugh a little ...cheers!


Today, 07:05 AM

Welp no matter when I would always be interested in this type of thing just drop me a line ...just for national prides sake I shall keep this thread alive!


Go Leafs g.....er Canada Go!