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In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

16 May 2019 - 09:10 AM

Next is that gawd awful rotting garden bed and though she may be ugly she does put out, have been amending this damn thing since we moved in and is prolly the only bed I could get away with not feeding if I had too.






Was only going to use this for greens or whatever but decided to dig down about 10inches and widen the holes, after I hilled them up about a foot of soil which will settle down abit at which time I will add some more. Anyways I will take the chance again with some maters or peppers again this year since they should have enough room for the roots.






Back piece that needs to be tilled which I pray will be this weekend if a friend of mine can either lend me his tiller or find the time to bring the family over and we will make a day of it. You can see the outline better of what needs to be done with the grass coming up and getting green.....






And the beds I quickly made last year......All of this stuff I will just use for a couple years until I can build nice raised beds that serve the purpose but also look nice.






Can see my 'Compost Bin' in this pic, the neighbors dogs still try and dig under the bloody thing. Its so full from the winters food being frozen for so long the bricks on top are not just to keep the critters out, but just hold down the lid from the food exploding inside.





And the update everyone has been waiting for...."Fanzilla the 2nd" For kicks I bought some fans that had LEDs since people give me the gears aboot my disco tech lighting set up. They are not as flashy as I had hoped but still are fun, is another 7-8 fans I am still waiting on before I start figureing out how I wanna put it all together.










In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

16 May 2019 - 08:51 AM

Couple quick shots of the greenhouse packed in......I have been leaving the heat off lately to get them used to the cooler nights and they seem to be doing ok, and I may start putting some into pots today/tomorrow if time allows for it.













Getting ready to do some more peat moss up, so spent a few hours collecting Spagnum and digging out rotton spungy stumps for fill, I am not picky though and will toss in pretty much any thing organic in the mix......





I chop it all up with the 'Peat Maker 1000' or my dad used to call it 'The Peace Maker' and would put strips of tape on it for each snake he ran over. I basically only use that mower to do this kind of stuff and have 2 other mowers that are self propelled, though they have bigger engines I would rather not put them through the stress.







Will do a quick tour around the yard showing the garden beds again, most are ready to rock excluding the back piece that needs tilling then a crap load of work to have it usable of course.


The flower bed from hell....I hate using stones unless they are all flat or I can cut them to fit right, is too much soil that can leak between then fills up with grass and weeds. Whomever first built this had gravel on the bottom of the bed which compacted the soil so bad it was literally like trying to grow in concrete. I dug it all up and made the bed smaller, then added a 5 minute rock wall job so I didn't have to move more stones 75+ yards......






My little guy on the  left is another reason the stones will be a pain in the arse, and will be tossed across the yard at times.....







Continued in next post.....




In Topic: Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

16 May 2019 - 08:36 AM

Feel like I have not been giving this enough attention lately, and apologies for not replying to anyone the past week as I always try and give something back to those who take the time to leave comments in here.Have been spending a ton of time outside and even got a sunburn yesterday on my arms and face/neck.The redneck tan has made an appearance before we have leaves on the trees. :crazy:


So a few kinda update pics on the post down below (so sit tight if you read this before they are up) but nothing super exciting since plant out has not started yet. I may bite the bullet this weekend, possibly Sunday if the night time forecast holds true.....I have some serious beef with Mother Nature as of late, not cool bro, not cool......

In Topic: PaulG 2019

13 May 2019 - 08:18 AM

Blazers Win!! Blazer Win!!


Man what a series, was much better then the Raptors/Sixers, excluding the final shot by Kawhi last night.

In Topic: 2019 Hay Bale Pepper Patch

12 May 2019 - 09:19 AM

I have always found that any fruit that is tucked under the foliage ends up doing much better then anything getting alot of direct sunlight, sun scald is for realz.


Okies well all caught up after away from the forum most of the week, sounds like you have had an interesting time yourself Dee. Set backs are booo-urns but this year is a huge test imo and will set you up better in the coming years. Is no point in telling you how good it all looks but I will anyways eh...Every update is fantastic and can't believe how much of a burst everything has gotten in a few short weeks.